Tuition Fee in Chinese Universities

Here’s a fact: China is fast becoming the number #1 study-abroad destination for international students. In  2018 alone, there were 492,185 international students from 196 countries in China. Overseas students continue to choose China because it has everything to offer:

– Low cost universities
– Top quality education
– High standard facilities and more!

You can study for as low as US$2,000 per academic year and graduate from a globally recognized Chinese institution. Before you take the next step, check out low cost universities and tuition fees in top-ranking and international Chinese universities.

How to Find Tuition Fees in China

You can check for tuition fees in university websites but you can also use the China Admissions platform. It’s so easy – search for programs or universities and you can see the tuition fees per year. You can convert to your currency, or filter tuition fees from low to high and vice-versa. Head over to the China Admissions platform and try it yourself!

Low Cost Universities in China

There are many affordable universities in China where you can study for as low as US$2,000. Here are some examples of these universities and their lowest tuition fees:

  • Bohai University – $2,000 USD/year
  • Chengdu University – $2,200 USD/year
  • Wuhan University – $2,500 USD/year
  • Shenzhen University – $2,600 USD/year
  • Beijing Chinese Language and Culture College – $2,900 USD/year
  • Jinzhou Medical University – $3,300 USD/year
  • Asia Europe Business School – $3,600 USD/year

Top-ranking Chinese Universities

The C9 League (China’s Ivy League) is a nine-member organization of the most elite and top-tier universities in China. World-renowned Tsinghua and Peking University are members of the C9 League. Studying in these universities is not as expensive as you think. Here are top-ranking universities and their lowest tuition fees:

  • Nanjing University – $3,000 USD/year
  • Fudan University – $3,300 USD/year
  • University of Science and Technology of China – $3,800 USD/year
  • Peking University – $4,000 USD/year
  • Harbin Institute of Technology – $4,000 USD/year
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University – $4,400 USD/year
  • Xi’an Jiaotong University – $4,500 USD/year
  • Tsinghua University – $4,500 USD/year
  • Zhejiang University – $4,700 USD/year

International Universities in China

Studying in international universities has many benefits. You’ll get the best of both worlds from two universities, earn two degrees and be part of two alumni networks. And the best part is, you get to gain all these perks at an affordable tuition fee. Below are some examples of international universities with their lowest tuition fees:

  • Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University – $13,000 USD/year
  • Wenzhou-Kean University – $9,300 USD/year
  • New York University Shanghai – $11,000 USD/year
  • Sino-British College – $12,000 USD/year
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen – $14,500 USD/year
  • The University of Nottingham Ningbo China – $16,500 USD/year
  • Duke Kunshan University – $59,000 USD/year

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to study in China?

The tuition fee is only one part of the total cost of studying in China. There are also other university costs such as miscellaneous fee, student fees (health fee, recreation fee, maintenance fee etc.), health insurance, books and accommodation. You also need to consider your living expenses.

To be financially ready, you can use our cost calculator here. Just fill out the information asked and our calculator will give you an approximate breakdown of the costs.

How do I pay for my tuition fee in China?

You can pay your tuition fee in China through different methods:

  • Wire transfer – the university provides its bank details and you wire your tuition fee payment via your bank or accredited transfer agencies. Your remittance information should include your complete name, student ID number or any other information required by the university.
  • UnionPay Card – upon your arrival in China, be sure to apply for a UnionPay debit card and deposit money into your card. You can apply at the Bank of China for free. Use your UnionPay to swipe your tuition fee on-campus.
  • Manual service through the university cashier – tuition fees can only be paid in RMB, so make sure to change your foreign currency to RMB before making payment.
Are there any scholarships that can cover my tuition fee?

There are many scholarships than can cover your tuition fee in China. Here are examples:

  • Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC)
  • Provincial Government Scholarship
  • Confucius Institute Scholarship
  • Scholarships from multinational Chinese companies such as Alibaba, Lenovo, Huawei and more
  • University scholarships

These scholarships come partially or fully funded. If you are awarded a fully-funded scholarship, it can cover your expenses such as tuition fee, health insurance, living expenses, and accommodation. Get more information about scholarships in China and start your application!

Will I be required to pay a deposit fee?

Majority of Chinese universities ask for a deposit fee to secure your spot in the university. This is called the seat guarantee deposit which has a corresponding payment deadline. Failure to pay during the due date forfeits your seat to other students in the wait pool.

Can I pay my tuition in installments?

No, Chinese universities require international students to pay a full year of tuition fee. Full payment should be made before classes start.

Will the tuition fee be the same throughout my study?

No, an increase in tuition fee is possible.

Can I defer my enrollment?

Admissions deferral is not approved by universities if due to personal reasons. But in cases of force majeure such as the current coronavirus pandemic, or any issues from the university (example program cancellation) then students are allowed to defer admissions.

Will I get a refund if I decide to cancel?

Application fee and deposit fee are non-refundable. Tuition fees are refunded on a case-to-case basis. Refund terms and conditions are different for every university, make sure to contact your university about this.

Search for Tuition Fees in Chinese Universities

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