How Tokunaga Kana’s Love For China Made Her Pack Her Bags and Study at BLCC (English)

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As a young girl, Tokunaga Kana already knew much about Chinese culture and history. Her grandparents had a great admiration for the country and through their stories, she naturally fell in love with the country herself. In fact, during her fifth birthday, her grandparents gifted her with a Chinese language CD.

To Tokunaga Kana’s delight, she listened to the CD every day and her love for the Chinese language only blossomed from there. Wondering how Tokunaga Kana is doing now? Read her China journey and how she’s doing at BLCC in Beijing!

Hi Kana, what made you decide to come to China?

I came to China mainly because of my grandmother and grandfather. I love China so much, and they taught me about Chinese culture and Chinese language. When I was five, they gave me a Chinese language CD for my birthday present and I listened to it every day.

Kana hails from Japan.

When I was in high school, I took Chinese language classes three times a week for three years and learned from there.

I believe that by directly studying abroad in China I can learn so many things, not only the language. I learned about HSK in Japan before deciding to study here in China.

I’m planning to study here at BLCC in Beijing for one year first, and then I’m thinking about taking up engineering at Tenshin University for three years.

I have a teacher in Japan that taught me a lot about Chinese culture.

Chinese is not really famous in Japan. When I was advancing my studies to high school it was very hard, but I believe it would be worth it so I tried my best.

BLCC in Beijing, China.

My cousin had actually studied here before and she recommended to study here.

The teachers in BLCC are very hardworking and they always support us.

We also try our best to study here. 

There are lots of international students here but only three of them are Japanese, two males and one female. Since we can’t speak English and can only speak Chinese, they tried their best using the Chinese language to communicate with us.

blcc tour
BLCC tour for international students.

For example, when I asked my friends for help, they always tried their best to help me, like during the school festival, as a performer we all tried our best to make it a success.

After school, I usually go back to my room to finish the homework, review lessons and prepare for the next day. In my free time, I usually have a chit chat with my friends, play around or go shopping.

Beijing is popular for its huge shopping centers. Kana loves to shop in her free time.

I haven’t decided what to do after graduating from Tenshin University, but I want to find a job that can further deepen the bond between Japan and China.

China’s growth is much more significant than in other countries. I believe that by studying at BLCC, I’m not only going to learn the language but also the culture and economic growth.

I know that you might feel anxious to study abroad, but there are a lot of things that we can learn here.

If you want to study abroad, the first thing that you need to have is courage, if you have that everything else will be okay. 

Thanks, Kana, it’s refreshing to hear your story and we are in awe of your genuine love for China.

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