Introduction to Beijing Chinese Language and Culture College

Beijing Chinese Language and Culture College (BLCC, previously known as Beijing Overseas Students Training School, Beijing Chinese Language and Culture School, Beijing Chinese Language and Culture Training Center) is directly subordinate to OCAO. It is the only one institution specialized in Chinese education in China. The college was founded in 1950.

About BLCC

BLCC is renowned for its outstanding Chinese teaching and professional service. It is now the training center for highly qualified Chinese teachers, R & D center of Chinese education and learning center for international students interested in Chinese language and culture. It ranks among the first Chinese teaching bases authorized by OCAO and the first training bases of language application authorized by the State Language Commission of China. The college is also an HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) site.

The principle on which BLCC operates is to offer classes in Chinese language and culture to overseas Chinese, Chinese cognates and students from all over the world, and to promote cultural exchanges and friendly communications between China and other countries. In the past more than 60 years since its establishment, there have been nearly 100,000 students, teachers and officials from over 130 countries coming to study and do research in BLCC, which has won high international reputation for it.

The college accepts students from all over the world and offers various programs according to their requirements, including bachelor’s degree class of Chinese education (scholarship program for overseas Chinese teachers), college degree class of Chinese language, long-term Chinese language class, intensive HSK class, summer vacation Chinese program (for individuals), summer and winter Chinese language & culture camp (for groups) and Chinese teachers seminar etc. By virtue of Beijing’s exceptional advantages in language and culture, the college has established a teaching pattern that combines classroom teaching and social practice, which has earned it widespread fame in the circle of Chinese education. BLCC is proud of its distinguished faculty and staff team. The BLCC faculty are enthusiastic about and experienced in Chinese education and most of them have taught or done research in foreign schools. And the BLCC staff are always ready to provide professional, reliable and full service for those coming to study or visit.


The college has two campuses. Fuchengmen campus is located in central Beijing, just 5 km from Tiananmen Square. Huilongguan campus is located in Changping District of Beijing, covering a total area of nearly 15 hectares. The two campuses can accommodate a total of about 2,000 students. BLCC has advanced and full-featured facilities, beautiful campuses and efficient transportation, and provide convenient, comfortable and considerate conditions for all the students.

Life on Campus

Various Elective Courses

BLCC offers various optional courses including intensive vocabulary, business Chinese, declamation of Chinese, selected Chinese classics, TV Chinese, contemporary China, Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, seal cutting, flute playing, martial arts, dancing, basketball, football and badminton etc.

Regular Study Tours

Students will have a study tour in Beijing every two weeks to visit scenic spots and historical sites including the Imperial Palace, Great Wall and Summer Palace etc.And they will have a study tour in China each semester to visit famous scenic spots in Mid-China, Eastern China, Central China or Northeastern China etc.

Colorful Student Activities

BLCC organizes colorful student activities each semester including academic activities like Pinyin contest, vocabulary competition, speech contest and composition show etc. and recreational and sports activities like mid-autumn party, Christmas party, photography competition, Chinese karaoke, rope skipping, tug of war and table tennis etc.

List of Programs for International Students

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