All participants were highly engaged in learning new perspectives. – Susanne Arfelt

Nationality: Danish
Year Graduated: 2011
Current Role: Vice President, Asia Pacific (ex China), McCormick & Company

Why did you decide to do the TIEMBA?

I decided to do the TIEMBA for two reasons. Firstly, I wanted to extend my network beyond Unilever especially since I had just arrived in Singapore and was new to the region. Secondly, I wanted to update and review my knowledge as my previous Masters did not provide sound fundamentals in quantitative subjects.

TIEMBA program at Tsinghua University
Why did you choose the TIEMBA amongst all other EMBAs available?

I felt that the combination of INSEAD and Tsinghua University provided the best possible exposure to both the East and West. Also, since I was living in Singapore, it made sense to choose an EMBA with a strong campus presence.

The excellent lectures and relationships I have built with the faculty have meant that my learning journey extended beyond the 18-month program.

How would you describe your TIEMBA experience?

The overall experience was exceptional. The curriculum prepared me well for a general management position, the faculty was engaging and keen to support and get involved in any ongoing business challenges I faced even beyond theoretical conversations.

Another big advantage of the TIEMBA  is the experience of classmates. Often class discussions would extend beyond the classroom as all participants were highly engaged in learning new perspectives about how to address daily business challenges. We also had a lot of fun – both during the day and in the evenings. The TIEMBA has given me lifelong friends and unforgettable life experience.

TIEMBA program at Tsinghua University
How has the TIEMBA helped you in your career?
It would have been difficult if not impossible for me to transition from a marketing background to general management without the exposure to finance, statistics and general leadership teachings offered through the TIEMBA.
What advice would you give potential prospects considering the TIEMBA?
I would give two pieces of advice. Firstly, prioritise the readings – it is more important than short term tasks. Secondly, don’t settle into comfortable relationships in class. It is important to branch out and talk to as many people as possible during each module. It is easy to stick to the same group, but true learning comes from interacting with the diverse pool of classmates in the program.

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