Study, Work and Travel in China. Do it all

There are many different kinds of foreigners coming to China. Some come to China to travel and experience the culture, some come to study and some for work. There are also some who want it all and preferably at the same time. The good news is that this full package of experience in China is now reachable for everyone!

China is still exotic in many ways. On one side are developed business districts full of extravagant skyscrapers and on other traditional night food markets with fried scorpions. But it is people with their customs and culture, thanks to which China still remains such a unique place. Many foreigners, watching their local media, tend to have false perception of China as media usually focus on “shocking” news. One of these misbeliefs is probably about education in China. Is it really world-class education? Is it worth studying in China?

Recent news might shed some light on the answer. Eight Chinese universities have ranked in TOP 200 in terms of employability. Tsinghua University even made it to the global TOP 10. Therefore China’s booming foreign students have a wealth of work opportunities.  Also China has recently won its first Nobel Prize in Science, which made Chinese people particularly proud, as Nobel Prize in Science is a sign of quality university education.

But surveys and news can be vague and not very helpful for one considering studying in China. So let´s break down one of programs at Tsinghua University and see how it stands. LLM program in Chinese Law is one year program offered by Law School at Tsinghua University. It is the first LLM program in China in English for foreigners (LLM means Legum Magister in Latin meaning “master of laws” is a graduate law degree comparable with MBA for business).

Experience in China, not only studying but also travellingThere are a couple of things which make graduates of this program employable around the world. Firstly, you are exposed to Chinese legal system in classes and also in reality by court visits with real processes and practical experience. Secondly, you can experience China also from work perspective thanks to the professors who can help with getting a job. Lastly, Tsinghua organizes many trips to explore Chinese culture. Visits of The Great Wall or other important places are part of the studies as well. Therefore this program offers you all-in experience in China, that makes students well-rounded professionals.

Study, Work and Travel in China vs. Work & Travel and Study & Travel programs abroad

What are the other options for students who want to combine their studies with work and travelling?

Many international students from Europe go to U.S. or other “western” countries during their summer vacations for Work & Travel programs. In these programs they firstly work for couple months as lifeguards or receptionists at community pools or in amusement parks. Then after the season they can finally spend their earned money and travel around U.S. for couple weeks, before they have to go back home.

There are also some other programs – Study & Travel, which basically work same way, but instead of working you are usually studying. Study & Travel programs are usually focused on English language, take about a year, and students can´t get degree after completion. Despite the fact that these programs don´t award students a degree, they are very expensive, not only because of high program fees, but also because of high living costs in countries like U.S. or Australia. While it is definitely worth visiting these countries for travelling, cultural experience might be not that different from other developed countries. Cultural shock which makes travelling so exciting might not be a shock at all.

Study, work and travel in China

China wins over these programs, because you can do it all here. You can study, work and travel in China. At the same time you are working on your career step by step, not only by gaining experience, but also a degree. China Admissions is here to support you on your mission. From studying in China through travelling to working, we are here for you.

If you are interested in the full experience. Working, travelling and studying in China, at Tsinghua University or any other University in China and would like to know more about it, contact us at or phd at beijing normal university

Shynar from Kazakhstan, studied at Beijing Language and Culture University.
Shynar Shinibekova

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