My Scholarship in China – Shynar from Kazakhstan 🇰🇿

Here is an article from Shynar from Kazakhstan who has successfully got a scholarship in China.

A lot of people have dreams. Some dream about flying, about traveling, about study-in-china-2finding love of their lives, and some dream of studying in China. They are interested in Chinese culture, in language, they love China and all they want to do is to study there.

But not everybody makes that dream come true. Why? To be honest, it’s just lack of money. Almost everything in this world cost money and education costs a lot. Sign dollar and the books on scales. 3D image.And lack of money can stop some people from coming to China to study. Lack of money seems to stop a lot of dreams from coming true.

When you come across a problem, you start looking for solution. And there is a solution for achieving this particular dream. Scholarships.

Yes, China provides lots of opportunities for international students, it has lots of different scholarships. Most of Universities also have their own scholarships which they give to excellent students.

I always loved that about China. All of your hard work, all those sleepless nights when you prepare for exams, all those times which you spend worrying if the score is high enough are awarded here.

?????????????????????????????????????For new students who wants to apply for University there’re great scholarships which not only covers the tuition fee and accommodation fee but living allowance and medical insurance etc. They are called Chinese government scholarships (CGS) and they are very famous among the people who are interested in studying in China. You can read more information about each one  here and here.

Of course, as they are very famous, there’re a lot of people who are applying for them.

But fortunately there’re more scholarships, like Chinese Local Government Scholarships (CLGS) and Confucius Institute Scholarship (CIS), and British Council China Scholarship (BCCS), and University Scholarships and etc. There are so many and each has its own requirements and conditions, it’s easy to get confused.


You can read more about scholarships in China here, and about our service here.

Shynar from Kazakhstan, studied at Beijing Language and Culture University.
Shynar Shinibekova

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