Student benefits in China

You probably wonder what the advantages of applying through China Admissions are, as this process can be done by you as well.

Yes, you can apply yourself, but why go through all that trouble and keep worrying about your application and whether you made it right or not, if you can just give it to us and relax?

Besides, we provide you with some awesome benefits. 

The main advantages of applying through us are free service, professional advice and assistance along the whole way to China. More detailed review of those advantages can be found here.

student benefitsAnd our Accommodation Booking service and Buddy service are also free for students who choose to apply through us. After you are accepted, we help you find a suitable room for you and book it, and also arrange a student to help you with your registration etc.

For further information and to request a buddy, check the link here.

Also, some of our partners offer discount to our students on some of their products and services:

Food delivery

Get 50 RMB off your first order with food delivery app in Beijing and Shanghai.student benefits

Events, festivals, sports and cinema tickets

Get 20 RMB discount when ordering for the fist time

student benefits

VPN in China

We recommend Express VPN
In order to keep in touch with people and use these services while in China you can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) such as Express VPN. It works on phone, tablet and computer and on different operating systems.

Online Chinese language classes 

We provide a 10% discount for all our alumni on taking Online Chinese Classes on Skype with Beijing Language and Culture University. Register here for further information.

student benefits

Career assistance  

We can also provide assistance for careers advice and internships. We can do this through introductions in our own network, through our alumni network, University network, and business network.

JingJobs is a curated job listing platform and matching service for China based internships and jobs targeting start-up companies and bilingual young professionals.

We can help with introductions to Jingjobs and discounts on paid job-seeking services.

student benefits

Student ID in China itself is a great benefit, you can get the student discounts when booking trains and visiting tourist sites in China, when buying cinema tickets at the cinemas, just show them your student card when you are ordering.

Also, University might offer to create a student public transportation card. If they do, don’t decline the offer, because even though subway tickets aren’t going to be cheaper but buses will be, and in the long run it’ll save you a lot of money.

So don’t lose your student card and be sure to enjoy your student benefits to the fullest while in China.

If you have questions, or for further information on introductions and how to redeem your benefits contact your student counsellor, or contact us by:

Booking a free skype call here,
Emailing us at
Phone / Whatsapp: +86 132 4122 2181

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