Scholarships for foreign students available at CUHK Shenzhen

There are plenty of people who would like to study abroad, but sometimes financial problems can make it hard. In these cases scholarships and sponsorship can save someone’s dream, but to receive one is not an easy process.

The most important thing in this process is knowledge. People can’t apply for scholarship if they have no idea the scholarship exists. And we would like to add some new information on scholarships in China for foreign students.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen offers lots of scholarships for students, check them out below.

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Scholarships available:
  • Entry Scholarships for 4 years

All international applicants will automatically be considered for one of the admission scholarships along with admission decisions.

  1. 100% Tuition Fee Scholarship
  2. 50% Tuition Fee Scholarship
  3. 25% Tuition Fee Scholarship

Consideration will be based on applicants’ English level, high school academic performance and an interview. Candidates may have to submit further supporting materials.

The scholarship will be provided for 4 years, as long as entry scholarship owners can keep their GPA above 3.0.

  • Work-Study program

Administrative departments and offices always have the need of student assistants, and they pay students for their work.

  • Academic Performance Scholarship

In order to encourage the pursuit of better academic performance, the university provides high value Academic Performance Scholarships.
Tier 1: 80,000 RMB per year
Tier 2: 40,000 RMB per year
Tier 3: 20,000 RMB per year

  •  Shenzhen Universiade International Scholarship

scholarshipsThe Shenzhen Universiade International Scholarship Foundation was established by Shenzhen with the purpose of promoting Universiade spirits, and boosting cultural and educational exchange of international youth.

The foundation aims to fund international students receiving full-time academic education of bachelor or above in Shenzhen. The scholarship ranges from 20,000 RMB to 40,000 RMB. Application of the scholarship is announced around April each year.

The other important step is application. Students have to know the process and fill out all the forms and provide all the required documents, and not make a mistake or miss the deadline. That’s where we are glad to offer our help.

What to do to?
  1. Check out all available programs here
  2. Send us an email with details of your application and documents to or apply through our online application form
  3. Wait for our feedback

campus mapIs CUHK Shenzhen really different from CUHK?

Not really, and studying in CUHK Shenzhen has some other benefits:

Ø CUHK degree
Ø CUHK Shenzhen’s teaching quality, courses, faculty quality is in strict accordance with that of CUHK.
Ø They have more quota for international students and scholarships as well
Ø Lower cost of living: Shenzhen’s cost of living is relatively low than CUHK (Hong Kong), Also, CUHK Shenzhen offers students paid on-campus work opportunity. The paid job can most likely cover their cost of living.

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