How to Notarize Your Application Documents

Lots of student come across the problem of notarization, no matter where they apply. They don’t know where or how to notarize documents, and they don’t understand why they have to do it. We at China Admissions want to help you understand the process and the reason why you have to do it.

First of all, what is notarization?

I’s a way for University to make sure that your documents are genuine.

Because Universities will normally not return your application documents, you shouldn’t send your original documents to the University. You should send a notarised version so the University can tell that they are genuine.


definition notarization

Do you need to notarise your documents?

You need to notarise your documents if you are applying for the Chinese Government Scholarship, or for some Universities. Normally the University will tell you if it is necessary and which documents.

Normally if you need to send your documents by mail to the University you will need to get them notarised. If you are submitting them online normally you won’t need to get them notarised.

If you have translated your documents from another language into English or Chinese then you will usually need to provide a notarised translation.

Which documents do you have to notarize?

The documents you need to notarise are:

– Academic Transcript
– Graduation Certificate
– Translated documents.

Is it free to notarize documents?

No. Each company and notary charges fee for their services. It can vary from around 200 RMB to 2000 RMB.

Where can you notarize documents?

Usually you will need to get notarised in the country that you graduated from. For example if you graduated from a Chinese University, its better to get the notarization done in China. It will be hard to do that in other countries around the world.

You can sometimes contact the University that you graduated from direct and they can sometimes help you to notarise it. Many of them can provide the notarization for you, especially in the UK. You can just contact them or search on their website and ask them if they can notarise for you.

Another option is to search online for a “notary public” with your city name. Mobile notaries will sometimes also travel to your location.

If you are in China, search “公证处” (notary office) with the name of your city. Or you can search for a translation company, if you need notarized translation, most of them are likely to provide this service as well.

Be careful to allow enough time, and also take note that the process varies by location.

notarization docs

The process seems more complicated than it actually is. And we hope that we managed to shed some light on the issue! But if you still have some questions, feel free to contact us!

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