Carlos from Mexico shares his story of studying in China

China Admissions keeps growing and improving, and our team also gets bigger. We have few new Student counsellors who used to study in China themselves.

This is Carlos from Mexico who is currently living in Beijing, China. Just as any other student in China, Carlos has his own version of China, his own experience which he wants to share with you.


Here is his story:

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“I first came to China as an International Business exchange student to UIBE. My original plan was to stay only for a semester, but I loved it and I decided to stay longer in this very interesting country.

What I liked the most during my first semester here was the fact that my University (UIBE) has so many people from all around the world. I had a course where the students in the classroom represented more than 20 different nationalities and this allowed me to learn not only about new cultures but also how to properly communicate with people from the other side of the globe, which in business is a great skill to have.

Compared to Mexico, China is a complete new world and that’s why I initially decided to come. I strongly believe people learn and grow much more when outside their comfort zone. I would not consider myself a patient person but coming to China has helped me a lot to relax on situations when you simply can’t control them. Before arriving I didn’t speak any Chinese at all and I must admit, at first, it was a challenge but now it is my motivation.

The main reason why I have stayed in China is because I want to speak the language and be able to communicate with one fifth of the world’s population.

View from XingpingWhat has surprised me the most about this amazing country is the fact that China offers way more than just very big and populated cities. I have had the opportunity to travel around the country and I have got to see great places, from incredible temples to beautiful lakes. China has it all, whether you like sandy beaches, snowy mountains, colorful towns or tasty foods.

Ridding camel in Inner Mongolia.Traveling means a lot to me, and I very often feel the urge of getting to know different places, people and cultures and China just seems to me the perfect place to do so. I have seen already some bits of the world, but never have I seen wonders like the ones in China. Not only its rich culture makes it a very unique country but also its people, who comprises around 55 totally different ethnic groups.

Living in Beijing, so far, has been a great experience and I would recommend it to everyone. There is some knowledge that you can’t really learn unless you experience it yourself so I really encourage students to get out of their bubble and study abroad.

And to all of those who think they can’t afford studying abroad, remember there are several scholarships that you can apply for, such as CSC scholarship in China.”

Most of our Counsellors used to be students in China, and this makes us more understanding and capable of helping you through the process of applying for Chinese Universities.

We are here to help you and share our experience with you, and make sure that you avoid the mistakes and bumps which can appear on your road.

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