Fun way to learn Chinese: Solo Trip in China

Learning Chinese is a long path and sometimes it’s not the easiest one, right?

Have you ever wanted to say something using the words which you’ve already learned, but you couldn’t because you have forgotten them? Have you ever been irritated at how fast everything you learn in a classroom escapes your mind?

If the answer is yes, why don’t you try a solo trip in China, a trip during which you will have only yourself to rely on?

study ChineseChinese language is considered one of the most difficult languages in the world, so don’t blame yourself and don’t give up, even if it takes you long time to learn it, because most of the people have the same problem.

Each person has different ways to learn languages, but the one thing that people do when they learn new language is “Experience it” or “Use it”. And it doesn’t matter which skill you are “using” (reading, writing, speaking, listening), they are all good: some people like to read books, to listen music, study a lot or hang out with Chinese friends to improve their Chinese.

Traveling is one of the ways to experience many things, and it also can be used to learn Chinese.

Solo trip is a good option for travelers who want to challenge themselves. It’s not as scary as you think, you just have to be brave to start. While traveling you might have to face some of your fears, especially if you do it in China, but you can do it.

solo trip

One of the most common fears for students who are learning new language is actually speaking it. That’s why solo trip is so helpful: you’ll have to communicate with Chinese people, even if your Chinese is not perfect.

travel China

Here are some tips that might help you:

(一)Take a guide book with you and choose the language that you are fluent in.

China traveltrip in China(二)Prepare mobile applications for booking train tickets, hotels, because it is really convenient for you to buy train tickets, even if there is no English. You can watch Chinese characters then search the meaning on Pleco (*FYI* Pleco is the best Chinese-English dictionary for foreigners). It’s a good practice for visual memory.

(三)Learn some important Chinese words in advance, because you will need to use them. You should do some short note on your phone or small note with Chinese words that are most common in daily life, such as train station (火车站), directions like north-south-east-west ( 东-西-南-北), food( 鸡肉,牛肉,猪肉,海鲜,辣,饮料,米饭,面条…), also the words used to ask a question ( 是什么,为什么,怎么,怎么样,在哪儿,哪里,谁).

(四)Learn how to use Baidu Map application, because it will help you to know where you are as well as to check taxis, train and bus stations.

(五)Remember that you are not Chinese, so be careful.

Try to speak, even if your pronunciation isn’t good, because the more you use some words the better you remember them. Don’t be shy to speak, because that’s the only way to succeed on learning Chinese language path.

If you are a beginner and you don’t have any basic knowledge, though, you might want to take some classes before you do the solo trip. If you are not in China, you can take one on one online classes on Skype.

If you are in China, you can apply for part-time Chinese classes available at private schools, like That’s Mandarin, Mandarin house etc.

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