1 on 1 Online Chinese Programs

Introduction to the Programs:

BLCU has recently launched online classes on skype to teach Chinese to students all over the world. These are taught Online on Skype. Students should book a number of classes in advance and then arrange when is most suitable to take the classes according to the needs of the students. 

About BLCU:

BLCU is the number 1 Chinese University for teaching Chinese to foreigners. Each year thousands of students come to BLCU to study Chinese.


The teachers of the BLCU Online Classes have studied teaching Chinese to foreigners for at least 7 years. Due to BLCU’s expertise in teaching Chinese to foreigners, there is a large supply of high quality teachers who are able to teach, beginner level, and in different specialties.


The curriculum is normally decided after a consultation with a student according to their learning goals. It will begin with an assessment of the students Chinese level and their desired level. The teacher will then propose a teaching plan to cover these areas.

The classes are taught using skype with the use of a slideshow presentation, exercises.

Advantages of learning Chinese Online:

– Learn Chinese more quickly. With a personal teacher you can have focused learning on yourself and improve your Chinese level more quickly.

– Flexible. The classes can be taken at any time that suits you. This enables you to take classes in the morning, afternoon, evening, or on holiday. 

– Save time. There is no need to travel to a teaching place, which gives you more time, and enables you to spend more of that time learning Chinese.

– Personalised. Every Chinese learning is different, with a personal teacher all the classes will be tailored to your specific situation which will enable you to reach your personal learning goals.

Tuition Fees:

The fees vary according to the amount of classes booked, with a discount given to students who order a larger number of periods as below:

30 Classes. Total = 3,900 RMB
60 Classes. Total = 7,410 RMB
90 Classes. Total = 10,530 RMB
120 Classes. Total = 13,260 RMB
150 Classes. Total = 15,600 RMB
Each period is 50 minutes. For specialised training such as translation classes, HSK tutoring and commercial Chinese, the fee is 20 RMB more per hour.


“I have told many of my American fiends that Beijing Language and Culture University is a very good school.  The Online Chinese program is excellent and fun!” 
William Emery Matthews, USA

“After having received information about several Universities where to study Chinese, I finally chosen BLCU because it offers the possibility to have real time lessons (on-line). At the beginning I was a little bit skeptical, but now I consider this experience very positive. The main reasons are that BLCU allow me to have lessons wherever I am at that time. So it happened while I was in holiday, to the sea, or while I was abroad for business. There is no waste of time – for ex. – to get to the university (imagine the traffic jam of Rome and you understand the difference with local courses).” 
Carlo Boselli, Italy

“In general I do like this method of learning.  It is as if you are visiting China every week, the teachers are very motivated. The on-line sessions do help a lot, especially the Comprehensive course, as it includes communication with the teacher for 2 hours, also the homework needs to be done. This is the best way to activate your knowledge.” Jouri Grigorenko, Holland


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