Top 10 Reasons to Study Chinese at Beijing Chinese Language and Culture College

You’ve probably heard how challenging it is to learn Chinese. But what if I tell you there’s a school that can make learning Chinese easier and quicker?

Beijing Chinese Language and Culture College (BLCC) is an undisputed expert in Chinese language education. It is the only college in China specializing in Chinese teaching and the promotion of Chinese culture and heritage.

Get to know more about BLCC and why it’s the best place to study Chinese!

Study Chinese at BLCC

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Why Study at BLCC in China?

BLCC is one of the most prestigious training centers for Chinese teachers and researchers. The college is also the number one choice of foreign students who want to learn Chinese. Here are 10 reasons why!

1. Low cost tuition

BLCU’s Chinese language programs are one of the most affordable in China. You can take their HSK class for 12 months at only $1,480 USD in total. If you would like to complete a bachelor’s degree in Chinese language, the whole four years of study only costs $11,839 USD.

2. Generous Scholarships and grants

BLCC offers a long list of scholarships and grants. You can choose from the Freshman Scholarship which covers up to RMB 9600, non-degree scholarships covering RMB 7000 and college scholarships covering RMB 5000. BLCC also has a maintenance grant which covers RMB 6000.

blcc activities 7

3. Outstanding faculty

BLCC faculty are passionate and experienced in Chinese education and most of them have taught or done research in foreign schools. The college has a total of 86 full-time teachers with the majority having a minimum of three years experience.

4. Immersive study tours

If you want to have a tour of Beijing, BLCC schedules one every two weeks. Visit the historical places in China, get to know the culture better and immerse in the community to learn Chinese quicker!

blcc tour 4

5. Flexible enrollment and study period

You can enroll for BLCC’s non-degree or short-term Chinese classes throughout the year! BLCC accepts students on a rolling basis so you can choose when you want to start.

6. Fun student activities

Every year, BLCC makes sure to schedule and host both academic and extracurricular activities for students. Activities can range from speech contests, sports activities, mid-autumn festivities, meetups and more.

Students enjoy Chinese traditional handicraft, an important part of Chinese Art, in one of their electives at BLCC.

7. Personalized lessons

Chinese lessons at BLCC are tailored to meet the unique needs of the learners, and features dynamic high-interest lessons with ongoing evaluation.

8. Best living services

If you need help after class, you can tap BLCC’s tutoring service. Besides this, BLCC ensures your comfort by offering a buffet, movie playing, campus WiFi and other services for students.

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9. Numerous course options

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, you can choose from a wide variety of courses be it short-term, non-degree or degree Chinese programs. BLCC also offers the most interesting electives such as contemporary China, Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy and more!

10. Modern facilities

From BLCC’s buildings, classrooms, and dorm, it has one of the most modern school facilities in Beijing. Below is a multimedia classroom used for speaking and listening Chinese as well as serving as the Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) site.

This is the reading room of the BLCC’s library.

About BLCC

Beijing Chinese Language and Culture College (BLCC, previously known as Beijing Overseas Students Training School, Beijing Chinese Language and Culture School, Beijing Chinese Language and Culture Training Center) is directly subordinate to OCAO.

It is the only one institution specializing in Chinese education in China. The college was founded in 1950. BLCC is renowned for its outstanding Chinese teaching and professional service. It is now the training center for highly qualified Chinese teachers, R & D center of Chinese education and learning center for international students interested in Chinese language and culture.

BLCC ranks among the first Chinese teaching bases authorized by OCAO and the first training bases of language application authorized by the State Language Commission of China. The college is also an HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) site.

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