From Korea to China – How Gyeongae Choi is Achieving his Dreams in China One Step at a Time (English)

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Gyeongae Choi is like any other kid, he played soccer and enjoyed his free time outside school. If there’s one thing unique about Gyeongae, it’s his mixed ancestry.

Seoul is the capital of South Korea since 1948. Gyeongae and his family live in this city.

Gyeongae is half Chinese and half Korean, and he sure was raised in the best of both worlds! In their home, Gyeongae’s Chinese mom spoke the language and he grew up listening to her conversations.

While enjoying the culture and tradition of Korea, Gyeongae naturally connected with his Chinese roots. It was a no-brainer for him to pack his bags and study at BLCC in Beijing, China.

Find out how Gyeongae is doing in China, his future plans and how he is achieving his dreams one step at a time!

Hi Gyeongae! 

Hi, I’m Gyeongae Choi from Korea and I’m 20 years old.

In Korea, I live in Seoul. I had trained as a soccer player until I was 18. Until then, I didn’t study hard. I just go to school and didn’t really pay attention to other things.

I know how to speak Chinese a little. Since I was small I played soccer but I quit the sport at 18years old and came to China where I have been studying until now.

Soccer is the most popular sport in Korea. Gyeongae played quit the sport at 18 to study in China.

My mom is Chinese, so I can speak Chinese a little. She wanted me to come here, and that’s why I’m studying at BLCC in Beijing, China. 

My mom operates Korea-China Association for Culture and Athletics. She also owns two brands, Bentley and Moutai. 

One day, if I can speak Chinese perfectly, I will work with my mom. I came to China to make that come true.

Beijing is one of the most modern cities in the world.

Now, I live in Beijing. Beijing has a similar environment as Seoul in Korea, the city which I used to live. The weather and food are not really different so it’s a perfect place for me to live in. 

Gyeongae says Chinese and Korean food are similar in many ways.

When I was younger, until I was 10years old, I would hear my mom speaking Chinese. My mother and grandparents on my mother’s side, also have conversations in Chinese, so I was already familiar with the language. 

Even though I am 20 years old now, I can still remember some Chinese words, so I can understand when I listen to it. However, I find it challenging to read Chinese because the characters are not easy to understand. 

Chinese is the most spoken language in the world.

I was so bad at speaking English when I first came to China. All the students in our school are foreigners, there’s no Korean in BLCC.

Over time, my English and Chinese speaking skills improved a lot, especially my Chinese. In this school, there are no Chinese students at all.

All the students are from different places such as Thailand, Morocco, France, Russia, Korea, Japan, and Indonesia. Being around these guys, I can’t use any other language except English. They don’t speak Chinese well, neither do I.

BLCC in Beijing, China
BLCC in Beijing, China

The first time I came here, the only English words I knew were mother and father. But now, I can understand when people ask me questions in English, and I can talk with other students without having any troubles.

My English has improved a lot, so If I go back to Korea, I can boast about my success to other people. BLCC is really perfect for me.

Next year in September, I would like to go to university, and after graduating, I might go back to Korea and join the army. Korean men are required to join the army.

The 2-year compulsory military service is for all Korean men ages 18 to 28. Popular Korean actor Lee Min Ho is front and center in this photo.

After I finish my military service, I will come back to China and do business with my mom. I’m not 100% sure about my future plans because I don’t know what is going to happen after I complete my military service.

Gyeongae plans to go back to South Korea for his 2-year mandatory military service.

Korean guys should stay in military service for two years, and that’s the problem. I love BLCC so I would like to stay at this school for one more year if I could.

Everything is perfect, studying at BLCC in Beijing, China is great. Teachers are friendly and all the facilities like the dormitory are excellent. BLCC even has a playground and swimming pool.
Gyeongae loves BLCC in Beijing, China.
Gyeongae loves BLCC in Beijing, China.

The school’s location is not close to big cities such as Wudaokou or Sanlitun. It is also far from Wangjing. Even if students want to go out, they just can’t because the cities are far from here, so we can’t go out every day.

This is actually a positive trait of the school, it’s good to stay far from the cities so we can focus on studying. The facilities and location are perfect for learning, and teachers are excellent too.

If you are not good with English, I would like to recommend BLCC in Beijing, China because, in my experience, I came here to study Chinese, but this school also helped me study English.

I used Google translator and put an effort to understand English. I wanted to understand other students, so I used the Google translator and asked them what they meant.

Gyeongae highly recommends BLCC in Beijing, China.
Gyeongae highly recommends BLCC in Beijing, China.

It’s kind of like I was forced to study English because of the environment surrounding me. People naturally eat when they are hungry. Like that, I naturally studied because it was fundamental to study and have a conversation with other students here. It was actually good. 

Gyeongae commends the teachers at BLCC in Beijing, China.
Gyeongae commends the teachers at BLCC in Beijing, China.

If you come to China, I highly recommend BLCC in Beijing, China. It’s not because this is where I study. I am totally satisfied with BLCC and I’m willing to introduce this school to my friends.

My father didn’t say anything when I first decided to come to China and study. However, my mom loved it! These days when I talk to her on the phone, she’s always happy and delighted. She comes here often because of her business. My mom is in China once a week or at least once in two weeks because of her work.

Every time she comes here, I meet her. My mom is so happy about me studying in China. I meet my father every my vacation. My father is also happy for me. 

BLCC in Beijing, China is one of the best language schools in the country.
BLCC is one of the best language schools in China.

My parents first met each other in China when my father was studying here. My father even made a joke saying that he will accept whether I date a Chinese or foreigner. My parents are happy and proud that I’m studying in China.

Koreans can blend in well here in China. As for China, I feel like my life wouldn’t be complete if I hadn’t come here. 

It’s so nice to hear your story Gyeongae! We hope to see you again soon.

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