Life As An International Student At BFSU In China During The Pandemic

Clare Preece is an international student from the United Kingdom. She’s taking the International Management program at Beijing Foreign Studies University – International Business School.

When asked why she chose China Clare shares, “As a British person I actually asked myself, ‘what is the most foreign country I could think of?’ And literally, China is on the other side of the planet.” Aside from this reason, Clare also loves a good challenge. She wanted to explore Chinese culture more and see the country for herself.

As for her experience at BFSU, Clare shares that it’s been good. The standard of education is at par with British Universities, and the tuition fee is much affordable than in Western universities. “One year of tuition fees in the UK is £9,000 pounds. But I get three years of tuition fees for that amount at BFSU, which is one of the more expensive universities in Beijing.” Read more about Chinese University tuition fees here.

When China closed its borders to international students last March, Clare was in Beijing. Due to the pandemic, she is currently attending online classes which she finds a little challenging. “Class works such as negotiation and presentations, or anything of that nature are better done through in-person classes.” Find out more about Clare’s experience as an international student in China during the pandemic. You can also get insights about the current situation in China in her interview!

Admissions for 2021 intake is going ahead as normal. You can start your application here or learn more about the admissions process here.


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