How to Get an Insurance in China for Foreign Students

International students who want to study in China are required by the Chinese Ministry of Education to get an insurance of which the validity should be enough to cover one’s study duration. Getting a health insurance in China for foreign students is a simple process.

Where can foreign students get insurance?

To apply for health insurance in China you need to show your passport with the application. There are two ways to obtain a health insurance:

  • Purchase your insurance in your own country and bring it to China. It must cover accidental injury medical treatment and hospitalization medical treatment and with a coverage of more than 400 Thousand RMB, for the highest single item reimbursed.
  • Get it from your university admission office during registration. Once you arrive in China, go to your university admissions office, submit the paperwork and required documents and purchase a local health insurance card.

Why get an insurance in China?

National healthcare is not available for international students in China. The only way to protect yourself against injury or illness that can occur while you are studying in China is through private health insurance. Students who are unable to provide proof of their insurance will not be accepted by the school for registration.

Which health insurance companies in China should I choose?

The main providers of health insurance in China include China Taiping Insurance, China Life Insurance, China Pacific Insurance, People’s Insurance Company of China and Ping An Insurance.

Ping An Life insurance Company, one of the major insurance companies in China offers one of the most comprehensive insurance and protection scheme for foreigners staying in China.

The insurance covers hospital fees for clinic emergency treatment, clinic operation, hospitalization expenses as well as other accidental injury, etc. Check out more details about Ping An Insurance here.

Insurance Liabilities

Insurance Amount (Yuan) RMB
Liability for Death + Accidental Disability  100,000
Medical Treatment for Outpatient and Emergency  20,000
Medical Treatment for Accidental Injury  20,000
Hospitalization Medical Treatment  400,000

How much does health insurance cost in China?

For international students, an insurance for half a year will cost 300 RMB, and for the whole year will cost 600 RMB. Compared to the fees most hospitals charge per session 600 RMB is affordable.

Important reminder: Don’t throw away your receipts!

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