As an international student, can I land a job in China?

“As an international student, can I land a job smoothly in China after graduating from MBA?”With the help of the Career Management Center (CMC) at CKGSB Global MBA Program, YES!

The CMC of CKGSB Global MBA offers comprehensive services to meet your needs and support for every stage of your career in and beyond CKGSB.

Apply Now Before The Deadline

Admissions for CKGSB MBA round 5 application is still ongoing. The deadline for the last and final round is on Monday, 29th June. Apply now and check out available scholarships!

What CMC offers

Language Training

Offers a 14-month free Mandarin Chinese courses to equip international students with Chinese proficiency.

On-Campus Ongoing CMC Services

Phase 1: Explore (Module 1 – 3)

  • Self-Assessment: Conduct a holistic CareerLeader assessment to further understand core values and career aspirations, and identify personal strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Career Coaching: Schedule an appointment with one of career coaches to organize thoughts, gain industry information, and create an action plan.
  • Career Workshops: Participate in a wide range of on-campus or online workshops to develop your professional skills and explore your career options.
  • Employer Networking Events: Connect with employers from diverse industries through on-campus or virtual information sessions, speaker series, alumni events, and career fairs.
  • Mentorship Program: Join CKGSB well-established Executive Mentor Program to gain primary industry insights and learn from China’s top business leaders.

Phase 2: Experience (Module 4 – 8)

  • Action Learning Module: Participate in special learning modules to learn different cultures, understand respective business landscapes, and broaden personal horizons.
  • Company Visits: Participate in different company visits organized by CMC or student-led initiatives to network with professionals, exchange ideas, and learn various business ecosystems.
  • Diversified Consulting Project (DCP): Work with a group of students for a real business projects to practice learning theories and acquire real world experiences.
  • Mock Interview: Practice your interviews with CMC to frame your ideas, polish your stories, and gain confidence.
  • Off-campus Internships: Participate in various off-campus internships to gain real world experiences and determine career interests. Special Note: International students need to complete internship registration to get an “Internship” remark on his/her residence permit before officially starting his/her internship.
  • Entrepreneurship Workshops and Business Plan Pitch Sessions: CMC will collaborate with external subject matter experts to cover relevant workshops on innovation and entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, CMC will collaborate with external experts, top investors to host a series of business plan pitch sessions. MBA students will experience real project demonstration, and receive real time feedback from professionals.

Phase 3: Evaluate (Graduation)

  • Salary Negotiation: Consult with CMC to generate a strategic plan for salary negotiation with prospective employers.
  • Offer Selection: Consult with CMC to evaluate pros and cons of your options to make the optimal decision.
Post-Graduation Alumni Support
  • Career Portal Access for New Job Opportunities;
  • 1 on 1 Career Appointment upon Request;
  • Job Recommendation and Referral;
  • Event Invitation and Participation.

Highlighted Employers

What CKGSB’s alumni are saying

About CKGSB MBA Program

This accelerated English-language 14-month MBA program helps young professionals transform into global business leaders with a strong understanding of China and other emerging economies. Participants will tap into unique mentoring opportunities that will connect them to the Who’s Who of business in China as they learn from some of the best academics in one of the most dynamic markets in the world.

Learn more about the MBA program at CKGSB here.

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