Chinese Executive MBA vs. Regular MBA: What’s the Difference?

Confused what a Chinese Executive MBA is? If you’re only familiar with the full or part-time MBA programs in China, it’s time to know more about the EMBA program. Check out the differences between a Chinese executive MBA and a regular MBA.

Chinese Executive MBA vs. Regular MBA

A huge difference between the Chinese Executive MBA and Regular MBA can be seen in their curriculum, class profile, program structure, and admissions. We’ve simplified everything for you with the table below.

chinese executive mba vs. regular mba

More Key Differences

  • 8+ years of work experience
  • Looks for more management experience
  • Higher chances of getting employer/company funding
  • Better networking opportunities
  • 2 to 3 years of work experience
  • Better opportunities for a scholarship
  • More networking and social opportunities

Besides all the points above, MBA programs can be more expensive than EMBA programs. MBA programs are usually offered full-time, which means there are more classroom hours and intensive classes.

Which One Should I Choose: Chinese Executive MBA or Regular MBA?

Before you decide, make sure to do an objective assessment of where you are in your career. Are you still starting out or are you in the mid to top-level position?

Both programs can help you gain in-depth understanding of business practices and management. However, in a Chinese Executive MBA, this will only be useful if you have considerable work experience.

Your lifestyle should also be something you look into before choosing a program. How much time do you have to dedicate to studying? Do you have enough time to go to classes?

Most of all, Chinese business schools have different teaching methods with their MBA programs. You might want to do some reading on this before choosing to take the plunge with either of the two MBAs.

Best Executive MBA Programs in China

China is one of the best places to study EMBA. It is home to award-winning business schools in Asia and the world. China is also an economic powerhouse with a booming business industry. Here are some of the best executive MBAs in China.

Read more about the EMBA programs here.

Check out a complete list of business schools in China offering EMBA programs.

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