Study MBA At China’s Most Valued Business School!

In this China Admissions Open Day Webinar session, National School of Development of Peking University provides course information and enrollment details regarding their BiMBA (Beijing international MBA) program.

BiMBA Business School of the National School of Development at Peking University is declared by both Fortune and Forbes as the most valued business school in China. BiMBA has consistently been ranked highly in Chinese and global business school rankings, Business Weekly and QS, winning wide respect and recognition for its outstanding business education.

BiMBA’s world-class MBA program has shaped many business leaders and professionals with an international perspective but also deep roots in Chinese business.

Nestled in Peking University’s beautiful former royal garden, Langrun Garden. BiMBA offers MBA, EMBA and DPS, Enterprise Development Programs. BiMBA has world-class Economics and Management professors such as Justin Lin, Zhou Qiren, Zhang Weiying, Song Guoqing, Lu Feng, Yao Yang, Huang Yiping, Liu Guoen, Chen Chunhua, Yang Zhuang, Xue Zhaofeng, Zhang Li, Ma Hao, and Gong Yuzhen.

BiMBA is popular in the business world as the ‘Business School within a think-tank’. The business school is an advocate of East and West learning, an integration of knowing and doing and is committed to driving innovation in management and China’s development.

Study at PKU BiMBA and develop a new global perspective about business, learn the latest trends in international management and boost your leadership skills. Search for programs at BiMBA in Peking University.

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