2019 China Immigration Policy More Relaxed To Attract Overseas Talents

Are you planning to work and live in China? Good news! The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) announced a more relaxed China Immigration Policy last July 17, 2019.

Ministry of Public Security in China.

During the press conference, the MPS introduced 12 new exit-entry measures for foreigners. China’s aim is to attract more international workers and promote a diverse and multicultural environment of foreign talents who can contribute to China’s development and internationalization.

In recent years, China has approved 133,000 expat visas and residence permits to foreign skilled workers and entrepreneurs in mainland China.

Official seal of MPS.
Aim Of The New China Immigration Policy

The 12 new immigration rules are part of the first 60 special policies to promote economic and social development. It will also benefit public enterprises. The immigration rules will be effective as early as August 1, 2019.

The immigration policy is a win-win situation for both China and foreign workers. Below are some benefits of the new and improved immigration rules:

  • Attract more talented overseas workers.
  • Eases permanent residence application of highly skilled foreign professionals, especially those with doctoral degrees.
  • Promotes a multicultural and diverse business environment.
  • Foreigners with Chinese ethnicities will find it easier to settle in China
  • More research-based initiatives can be conducted in China.
  • Families of qualified foreign professionals can qualify for residency application.
  • Foreign graduates in China’s key universities who started a business and invited to do internships will have policy support.
  • Foreign talents who made a great contribution to China and those who filled a skills gap will be allowed to apply for permanent residency.
Summary Of China’s Immigration Policy For 2019

The new China immigration policy for 2019 has 12 sets of rules. Below is a summary!

Shanghai is home to the largest foreign worker population in China.

1. Foreigners who have high-level skills and talents that can meet China’s special needs, as well as their spouses and children can apply for permanent residence in China with the endorsement of China authorities.

2. Foreigners who have worked for four succeeding years, who have been in the territory for not less than six months every year, whose yearly income is not less than six times more than the average wage and, has an income tax of over 20% from the standard income can apply for permanent residence in China.

Skilled foreign workers can now get residence permits in China.

3. Foreigners with Chinese ethnicity who have a doctoral degree working in China for over four succeeding years and who live in the territory for not less than six months every year can apply for permanent residence at the Exit-Entry Bureau.

4. Foreign experts and scholars, as well as high-level executives and professionals who are invited by prominent universities and colleges, scientific research institutions and established enterprises, can apply for a port visa entry or multiple visas and residence permits valid for less than five years. Required documents need to be presented upon application.

5. Foreign talents and startup company members can apply for a residence permit of up to five years at the Exit-Entry Bureau through a work permit, letter, reference letter from the team leader and other supporting documents.

6. Foreigners who have proof of their outstanding professional experience and meet the needs of China can recommend foreign members of their working and research team for long-term visa or residence permits valid for less than five years.

Expats rate their stay in China.

7. Foreigners working for Chinese enterprises and public institutions whose current working permits are expiring, but have no time to apply for a new working visa may apply for a work residence permit.

Overseas students in China.

8. Foreign workers who are highly skilled in major domestic institutions in education, scientific research and established companies can apply for part-time employment in the innovation and entrepreneurial field.

9. Foreign students who have an outstanding academic record, who completed a Bachelor’s degree in prominent schools and who are involved in the innovation and entrepreneurial field can apply for a residence permit valid for two to five years.

10. Foreign students who graduated from renowned universities who come to China and work in innovation and entrepreneurship companies within two years after graduation can apply for a residence permit valid for less than two years.

11. Foreign students from overseas colleges and universities who are asked to work in China temporarily may apply for a visa valid for one year for internships. They must present their invitation letter, university certificate, and supporting documents.

12. If you need more assistance, consult an immigration service center in places with a large number of foreigners. You can seek support with issues regarding legal assistance, language, and cultural matters and other services. This is applicable to foreigners working, studying and living in China.

The China immigration policy for 2019 aims to encourage foreigners to visit, work and live in China.


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