What Makes Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) MBA Different?

Do you have what it takes to go out of your comfort zone, change your perspective about business and put your skills to the test?

Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) MBA delivers world-class business education with its globally competitive curriculum, and unrivaled China insights. Founded in 2020 by Hong Kong Tycoon Li Ka-Shing, CKGSB now has thousands of graduates from its MBA, EMBA, and executive development programs.

There are numerous business schools in China, but what makes CKGSB different?

17 Things that Differentiate CKSGB among Other Business Schools

CKGSB is not your “regular” business school. It is home to an elite alumni network running some of China’s most successful enterprises and high-ranking Chinese government officials.

How does CKSGB produce high-caliber graduates? Here are 17 things that make the business school different.

1. China insights

CKGSB teaches original insights from China taught by professors with rich global experience. CKGSB provides a wide variety of global insights based on a firm foundation of research, with a particular emphasis on China.

The business school’s world-class faculty—who have a unique bi-cultural perspective—conducts independent research into many sectors of business and economic life, resulting in original data and views.

2. Latest trends

The teaching material at CKGSB comes from cutting-edge knowledge from on-the-ground research on China’s economic policy trends. The business school has an up-to-date portfolio of business cases that are used in practical business training in their MBA program.

3. Global issues

At CKGSB MBA, students learn about perspectives on geopolitical shifts and socioeconomic issues affecting business and society. The business school puts emphasis on China-specific business trends while providing an equal focus on emerging markets in the global business landscape.

4. Elite alumni network

Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) has only been around in 2002, but it has one of the most elite alumni networks in China. Most of CKGSB’s alumni are at the CEO or Chairman level. All in all, the alumni’s companies comprise one-sixth of China’s GDP.

Some of CKGSB’s most notable alumni include Jack Ma, Founder and Chairman of Alibaba, Wu Yajun, Co-Founder and Chair or Langfor Properties (Wu Yajun is one of the richest women in world) and Fan Min, CEO of Ctrip, China’s largest online travel agency.

5. Action learning

CKGSB’s MBA program is driven by action learning, peer-to-peer sharing and mentoring. The programme is designed to equip you with the necessary business skills and networks. Work with businesses; learn how to tackle real-life challenges and to develop creative problem-solving techniques.





6. Innovative programs

Innovation is embedded in CKGSB’s DNA. The business school takes an unconventional approach to business education with its cross-disciplinary programs which are designed to meet C-suite leaders’ needs.

CKSGB’s top-down approach has made it the top choice of more than 10,000 business executives, the majority of whom are in the CEO or Chairman level.

7. Award-winning and globally competitive faculty

CKGSB MBA’s more than 40+ full-time, resident professors will help you to better understand the complex Chinese business landscape. 50% of CKGSB’s world-class faculty members have held tenured positions at top institutions, such as Wharton and Yale, before joining CKGSB. To date, CKGSB MBA faculty have received a total of 58 global academic awards received by faculty.

8. Humanities courses

Studying for an MBA at CKGSB will provide you with a deep understanding of the context for today’s geopolitical shifts and international relations. Develop a long term perspective, give back to the community and satisfy your intellectual curiosity through CKGSB’s humanities and philanthropy courses.

9. Modern campus and facilities

CKGSB’s headquarters in Beijing is strategically located in the country’s policy-making center, while their campuses in Shenzhen and Shanghai give you access to China’s financial center and innovation hub.

To better serve business people with global ambition across the world, CKGSB also offer programs and activities in their London, New York and Hong Kong offices, in partnership with leading local institutions.

10. Worldwide locations

CKGSB’s global platform of teaching facilities, offices and partners offers a wide range of resources for students worldwide. CKGSB MBA is offered in various Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, New York, London and Hong Kong.

11. Culturally-diverse learning environment

CKGSB prides itself on its friendly, collegiate atmosphere and small class sizes. The business school fosters a diverse environment where cultural tolerance and respect are given utmost importance.

47% of the CKGSB student population are women while 26% are international students.

For this reason, CKSGB is a sought after business school for young foreign professionals who want to obtain a business degree. 26% of the MBA student population are international students.

12. Faculty-governed independent business school

CKGSB is the first faculty-governed independent business school. The business school is given free rein over academic independence and free scholarly inquiry. Without this, CKGSB would not have been able to employ some of the world’s leading business scholar.

13. The highest salary in China

Reported in the Financial Times, based on self-reported salary information in Chinese RMB in 2016 (one-year post-MBA) and converted using PPP to USD$ figures, CKGSB MBA graduates made an annual median salary of $132,196, which is listed among the best-paid graduates in mainland China.

14. Financial aids 

CKGSB MBA offers 12  types of scholarships to deserving students. Through generous funding from the Li Ka Shing Foundation, CKGSB MBA scholarships aim to attract individuals of exceptional ability and talent in China and around the world.

CKGSB Scholarships
15. Outstanding students

At CKGSB, you will meet some of the most interesting students and professionals. The business school makes sure to accept the most promising students. 80% of the CKGSB MBA population is above the vice-president level. For this reason, the business school has been dubbed as “China’s Elite Business School for Billionaires”.

16. Inspires students

The CKGSB MBA program strives to inspire its students to excel in whatever fields they enter.
Successful business leaders display strong social skills and know-how to network,
cooperate and lead teams.

Clubs at CKGSB give students a chance to develop these crucial skills and prepare them for the world outside the classroom. Clubs are founded and operated by students, and specific funds are set aside each semester to support the events and activities of officially recognized clubs and organizations.

17. Makes living in China as easy as possible

CKGSB partnered with Oriental Plaza Apartments to provide full-time MBA students with comfortable accommodations. Oriental Plaza is located in No. 1 East Chang’an Avenue, strategically located in Wangfujing, which is at the heart of Beijing’s city center. Oriental Plaza is surrounded by supermarkets, restaurants, and transportation.

About the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) MBA


CKGSB MBA is an accelerated 14-month English language MBA program that helps young professionals transform into global business leaders with a strong understanding of China and other emerging economies.

Students will receive unique mentoring opportunities that connect them to the Who’s Who of business in China as they learn from seasoned global academics in China’s dynamic market.

The full-time MBA program begins with three weeks of pre-term courses in September followed by a schedule that consists of four terms, with eight consecutive modules. Each term is comprised of two modules.

In addition to classroom discussions, students are put into teams to engage in consulting projects to help solve real-world business challenges. Working with support from participating organizations and faculty, students are able to translate classroom learning into a professional, on-the-job experience.

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