Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business Announces International Partnership with Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

On the evening of 19th March 2021, the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) MBA Program held an admissions policy conference in Shanghai and officially announced an international partnership with Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.

In today’s world, multiple changes and inflection points can converge simultaneously, and this once-in-a-century global change can place greater pressure on industry leaders. In order to rise to the challenge, CKGSB has upgraded the MBA Program and integrated resources to completely redefine training concepts for management talent through an all-new, modern curriculum.

At the same time, the MBA Program continues to create a globalized learning platform and, in the post-pandemic world, is facilitating innovative collaboration with one of the world’s top universities, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. The Program is committed to cultivating the next generation of economic disruptors who will combine a global outlook with care for humanity and innovative vision.

Johns Hopkins students touring around CKGSB’s Shanghai campus.

What counts as the next generation of disruptors?

In his opening remarks, CKGSB Founding Dean, Professor Xiang Bing, defined it as the ongoing appearance of new major industry and business leaders. In these times of seismic transformations – and in the face of global problems such as income and wealth disparity, the decline in social mobility and sustainable development – the economy must be relied upon to continue producing these disruptors.

At the same time, they must boldly and proactively embrace social innovation and begin assuming greater social responsibility. Fostering this type of disruptive power is a crucial strategic decision for countries and regions, in order to participate effectively in global competition, realize sustainable economic development for their own society and promote social harmony.

Dean Xiang further believes that the cooperation between the MBA Program and Carey Business School integrates and leverages the high-quality resources of both parties in both academia and alumni. He further hopes that this ‘cooperation between giants’ will produce the next generation of disruptors who will in turn make their own due contribution to the world.

CKGSB Founding Dean, Professor Xiang Bing speaks to a group of business students. 

The Dean of Carey Business School, Professor Alexander Triantis, recognizes and supports CKGBS’s vision of fostering the next generation of industry disruptors with a global view. In his video address he emphasized that Carey Business School likewise looks to the future and is devoted to cultivating leaders able to seize opportunities to create lasting value in an ever-changing world.

Professor Triantis also hoped that graduates will simultaneously strive to advance the greater society while developing their own careers. He pointed out that during the dual-degree program, students from the US and all over the world will study together and gain valuable perspectives and insights from both school communities.

Upon graduation they will join the ranks of 220,000 alumni from the Carey Business School – and John Hopkins University as a whole – and have the opportunity to join active alumni clubs in Beijing and Shanghai.

Dean of Carey Business School, Professor Alexander Triantis

At the event Dr. Li Haitao – Professor of Finance at CKGSB, Distinguished Dean’s Chair of the MBA Program and Alumni Affairs and Vice President of the CKGSB Education Development Foundation – raised a question he had been contemplating: at this moment in time, what sort of MBA education did China need?

He believes that CKGSB’s emphasis on ‘adopting trends, understanding the path and gaining superior skills’ mirrors precisely the current modern trend that has influenced and led to the creation of CKGSB’s non-traditional MBA.

Firstly, the pandemic has made everyone feel more deeply that we are in the middle of a disruptive era of accelerating technological innovation. Moreover, the CKGSB MBA Program proved itself prescient a few years previously by planning and establishing the Master of Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation (METI).

Professor Li Haitao, CKGSB’s Dean’s Distinguished Chair Professor of Finance and Associate Dean for MBA programs, welcomes Johns Hopkins students at CKGSB’s classroom.

Secondly, in recent years issues such as the widening global wealth gap and social injustice have become more pressing. It is imperative for entrepreneurs to factor in how to do good through business and create sustainable development for society; CKGSB can already boast experience in areas of social innovation.

Additionally, China’s rise requires a strategy to compete wisely on the global stage. The CKGSB MBA has always emphasized that students must possess a global perspective and ‘big-picture’ view, to understand what the other party is thinking and ‘stand on the moon to view the earth’ – only then will they be able to occupy an invincible position in the face of foreign business competition.

Professor Haitao revealed that it is precisely this mentality which led the CKGSB MBA Program to facilitate cooperation with Carey Business School. It is hoped that throughout the project, students will benefit from the wisdom of professors from outstanding foreign business schools and gain greater financial, economic and international perspectives as well as cultivating more expansive viewpoints.

Dr. Li Yang, Academic Director of the CKGSB MBA Program

Dr. Li Yang, Academic Director of the CKGSB MBA Program and Associate Professor of Marketing, offered an in-depth analysis of the new curriculum system. He pointed out that in this era of unprecedented transformation, students must not only possess core business management skills and leadership qualities but also international and macro perspectives. This would equip them to deal with global issues equitably, use financial thinking and understand financial tools to rise to the challenges of financial markets, and follow technological developments to understand technological changes and how innovation drives enterprise.

Finally, students will also need to possess humanistic care and a sense of social responsibility to realize global value alignment.

The MBA Program takes all of this into consideration and combines the differentiated advantages of CKGSB. In addition to the basic core courses, a wealth of electives has been set up which, alongside integrated management, focus on the three areas which show the greatest potential: finance and investment, intelligent manufacturing and entrepreneurship, and the creative industries.

A variety of practical industry courses will enable students to remain agile and up to date with cutting edge trends; special overseas courses will elevate students’ viewpoints and realize cross-border resource integration; multiple industry lectures and real-life case studies will all provide students with an enriched learning experience. The cooperation between the MBA Program and Carey Business School’s Master of Finance Program is also a fundamental part of the new curriculum system.

Professor Demir Yener, the Academic Director of Carey Business School’s Master of Finance Program, introduced some highlights of the cooperation. He pointed out that the Master of Finance Program boasts world-class professors who possess deep experience across all financial fields, so the award of Master of Finance will benefit careers in various financial disciplines and also help graduates enter international markets like China.

Carey Business School is a heavyweight in the financial world and boasts an institutional connection with the CFA Institute as well as supports their Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK). The course can therefore be an enormous help to students preparing for their CFA exam, and many graduates go on to careers at JPMorgan Chase, Citibank and other international financial organizations.

The Director of Admissions, Kelly Farmer, offered details on the mutual credit recognition and course exemption systems in place between the Carey Business School’s Master of Finance and the CKGSB MBA, as well as the specific application process and materials required.

The CKGSB Assistant Dean, Yang Xiaoyan, provided the perspective of an educator deeply involved with the business school for many years. She believes that CKGSB’s advantage lies in having world-class professors well versed in both theory and practice, as well as in having connections with China’s best entrepreneurs and a strong and dynamic alumni network – all of which have come together to create the unique and special nature of CKGSB and the MBA Program.

The conference provided students who wished to study an MBA but not go abroad a chance to understand more about excellent business schools both domestic and international as well as the opportunity to learn directly from both academic institutions’ professors and receive authoritative information.

Learn more about the CKGSB MBA here.

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