Introduction to Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

CKGSB was founded in 2002 with a full-time faculty of 7 professors. It is one of the first business schools to be faculty-governed. Since its establishment, it has made advancements and now has a faculty of more than 40 full-time professors.


CKGSB has programs in both English and Chinese. Students can choose which language to study in. The university’s mission is to help business leaders gain a global view of the business industry and also cultivate in them a sense of social responsibility and an innovative mindset. The university is not only interested in imparting academic education but it also helps students develop a humanistic spirit.

CKGSB headquarters is in Beijing. It also has other branches in Shanghai, Shenzen, Hong Kong, London and New York.

About Beijing

Ariel View of Beijing City
Ariel View of Beijing City

Beijing is the capital of People’s Republic of China. It is the capital city with the most population. It hosts over 21 million people. It is also one of the world’s leading centers for innovation and technology, diplomacy, business and economy, politics and education.

Apart from the excellent academic institutions in the city, Beijing is also a tourist destination. Some of the top destinations people visit include Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, Bell Tower, Temple of Heaven Park and Lama Temple among others.

Compared to other cities, Beijing is one of the expensive cities to live in. Accommodation is quite costly depending on where you want to live. However, there are other accommodation places you may find that are less costly than some.

CKGSB Beijing Campus

CKGSB Beijing

The campus in Beijing is located in Oriental Plaza. Oriental Plaza is located is strategically located with the CBD to the East and the Forbidden City to the west. The campus spans 3 floors and offers amazing views of the Beijing Skyline.

Programs at CKGSB

The university has both English-language programs and Chinese-language programs. They include:

English-Language Programs

  • MBA
  • Executive Education for individuals, for companies and for schools

Chinese-Language Programs

  • Finance MBA
  • METI
  • Executive Education
  • Executive MBA
  • CKGSB Chuang Community
  • Business Scholars Program


There are 12 different types of scholarships offered at the university. Some of them are available for international students. The 12 scholarships include:

  1. CKGSB Education Development Foundation Scholarship
  2. CKGSB Merit-Based Scholarship
  3. The GMAT/GRE Achievement Scholarship
  4. CKGSB Industry Scholarships
  5. Young Professional Scholarship
  6. Scholarship for Outstanding Overseas Chinese
  7. CKGSB Vision Scholarship
  8. CKGSB Need-Based Scholarship
  9. CKGSB Company Sponsored Csholarship
  10. CKGSB Scholarship for International Applicants
  11. CKGSB The Belt and Road Scholarship
  12. CKGSB Philanthropy Scholarship

Extracurricular Activities

Apart from academics, CKGSB also offers other fun activities for students. Some of the sporting activities students take part in include basketball, badminton, soccer and golf among others. Students can also form clubs and organizations provided they have a brilliant idea.

Student Testimonials

 Nancy Yao

Nancy Yao runs a coaching business. She pursued her MBA at CKGSB and this is what she had to say about how she benefited at the school. “CKGSB’s premier faculty and top-notch curriculum armed me with the necessary knowledge and practical know-how to develop my start-up business. The entire classroom experience, interaction with faculty and peers, student activities, and case studies – all these radically changed my perspective, both personally and professionally.”

Why did she decide to do her MBA at CKGSB instead of any other university? She said, “CKGSB was the perfect integrated solution for a ‘soft landing’ for young professionals like me, who have been away from China for a number of years. I chose to do the CKGSB MBA because I needed to gain a broader understanding of business and I wanted to sharpen my entrepreneurial skills.”

Boris Nikolic CKGSB Boris Nikolic

He started a clean technology company, cleantech, after graduating from his MBA in China. He related his experience about studying at CKGSB. He says, “I chose CKGSB as it’s a one-year program with an entrepreneurial focus, and it’s based in Beijing – the traditional, political and economic center of China. In fact, the campus is located in the vicinity of Tiananmen Square on China’s most well-known street, Chang’an Avenue. My single and most important takeaway from the CKGSB MBA is that I discovered the dream that I wanted to pursue. If it was not for the program’s entrepreneurial edge, and strong impetus on humanities, I would not have founded RENW as it is.

Joseph Roy CKGSB Joseph Roy

He is still an MBA student in CKGSB. He relates his experience about the program at CKGSB. He says, “One thing that CKGSB provides for us is a MBA-to-Business Leader mentorship program. My mentor is Sasha Liu, who is the founder and president of Blackarc-Ogilvy, the digital unit of Ogilvy Group China. As the head of a top-tier advertisement & media company, she is very influential and knowledgeable. As her mentee, I get the opportunity to observe the operations of the business, talk to different members of her team, and understand how both the company and the industry works. I’m now thinking about starting my own business in the entertainment industry in China. That’s something I would never previously have thought of doing.”

List of Programs for International Students

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