Tetsuya Iijima’s Amazing Experience At The CEIBS Pre-MBA Boot Camp

Planning to join the CEIBS Pre-MBA Boot Camp?

Tetsuya Noguchi Iijima, GMAT instructor and owner/president of Affinity English Academy in Japan experienced the summer program at first hand.

Find out how his amazing during the boot camp, what he learned during the intensive classes and his realizations as a leader in the whole duration of his stay at CEIBS!

Hi Tetsuya, how was your experience at the CEIBS Pre-MBA Boot Camp?

It was a great opportunity for me to get new insights. I particularly like the China-America lecture. It was interesting to see how the world is changing and the implications of this.

MBA at CEIBS is ranked number 1 in Asia and number 5 in the world.

As a business owner, I learned a lot from the CEIBS Pre-MBA Boot Camp program. The leadership lecture made me think a lot. Personally, I feel like I need to be confident in some situations and humble in others.

It was also nice to experience what an MBA program is like. How the classes were taught, the type of people, it made me realize that I should be confident from now on teaching GMAT. If students want to go to the CEIBS Pre-MBA Boot Camp, there’s much I can share with them.

Can you tell me more about what happens during the CEIBS Pre-MBA Boot Camp? What kind of students should apply to the MBA program?

Students who should apply are those who understand the importance of discussion, teamwork and group work. This is what they need to succeed as a business person.

Traditionally in Japan, classes are held one way. The teacher talks and the students listen. In my GMAT class, I try the MBA way. Some people don’t appreciate that. However, you need to participate in classes and you have to know the importance of that.

Personally, I think I’m pretty good at holding meetings. Someone learns to be a good facilitator or good team leader through the experience in the MBA program. People can learn business skills and theories, you can learn these things in books. Doing class discussions, group work, and human relations can help a person become a business leader.

What do you think about students studying in China versus America? How does that work in Japan?

A Japanese student who studies in China has to know what that means to her/him. I think Japanese students should go to CEIBS. If number one, they want to have a job in Korea or China. Number two, their current Japanese job entails a lot of Chinese.

To study in China, the student has to have a strong commitment to China. The person needs to have these three things to study in China, not only to study in, for example, CEIBS because it has a high ranking.

On the other hand, going to a school in the U.S. is a “brand” thing if you compare it to China. For students who want to take an MBA in China, I would tell them to think if they really want to go there. Is China important to your life? If not, you should probably consider the U.S. or Europe, these are international markets.

Great interview Tetsuya! Thanks for sharing your experience during the CEIBS Pre-MBA Boot Camp. Many students will surely find this helpful!

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