Capital Medical University MBBS Application Deadline – Monday, 1st June

The application deadline for Capital Medical University’s (CMU) Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program for September 2020 intake is fast approaching. Please make sure to apply as soon as possible so your application documents can be processed on time.

We advise you to complete your application at least 5 days before the deadline. To fast-track your application, you can also use China Admissions’ priority application service. For more information about the application process, please check here.

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CMU MBBS Application Deadline

The CMU MBBS program is one of the most competitive in China. Be sure to apply as early as now to increase your chances of getting accepted.

The application deadline is on Monday, 1st June 2020.

About Capital Medical University (CMU)

 Capital Medical University (CMU) formerly known as Beijing second medical college was founded in 1960. It ranks among the top academic medical institutions in China and is one of the key municipal universities in Beijing.

Professor Wu Jieping, the founding president of the university, was a world-famous urologist as well as a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Today, six members of teaching staff are members of these prestigious academies, enhancing the university’s domestic reputation further.

CCMU consists of 10 Schools, 14 affiliated hospitals, and 1 teaching institution. The university has over 9,000 enrolled students. CMU provides a wide range of educational programs in the English language for Doctorates, Masters, Bachelors, and certificates.

Learn more about CMU here.

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