Accommodation in BLCU: update

BLCU is one of the most famous Universities in Beijing, as it’s considered the best University to study Chinese language at. Every year thousands of students come to the University, some for one year program, some join for one semester, some like short-term programs.

And it’s really good, but there is another side. The sad fact is although BLCU’s campus is quite large and it has several dormitories for international students, BLCU simply doesn’t have rooms for all the students who come to study.

The students always had to book a room in advance, three-four months before the semester started, but this year due to several reasons the shortage of accommodation in BLCU is very obvious.

First of all, a lot of scholarship students came this year, and they are and always have been a priority to University when it comes to students’ accommodation.

Also, one of the dormitories, the Conference centre, is going to be renovated in December, that’s why BLCU doesn’t accept any bookings and suggests for all students to look for an accommodation outside the campus.

But do not worry, as we are here to help.

One of the suggestions is to book a room in International Communication Center of China University of Mining & Technology, a hotel in another University’s campus, which is near BLCU, the price is 130RMB per person (please see the map).

blcu mapWe can help you book a room in this hotel, or any other hotel nearby.

For more information or for our service, please contact us at We also help students who didn’t apply through us, information on our booking service is here.

Shynar from Kazakhstan, studied at Beijing Language and Culture University.
Shynar Shinibekova

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