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Tue, July, 28 7:00 pm

Free Online Chinese Lesson: Chinese Apps & Expressions

Hutong School


Are you living in China? Or planning to move there? How well do you know the apps and expressions you’ll need to live like a modern-day local?

In this free online language lesson with Hutong School’s Sang Laoshi, you’ll discover the most important Chinese apps and key terms relating to their use. Suitable for those with a level of HSK 2 and above, the lesson will introduce need-to-know phrases and grammar structures that allow you to enjoy a convenient life in China’s increasingly technological society.

Make the most of your WeChat account, order a cab at the click of a button, get food delivered to your door in under an hour, and more.

Hutong School is one of the leading Chinese language schools in China, offering full immersion and part-time language and culture courses in 7 cities across China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Chongqing.

Free Online Chinese Trial Class Details

  • Topics: Chinese Apps and Phrases
  • Date: Tuesday, 28th July 2020
  • Teacher: Hutong School’s VP of Education, Sang 老师
  • Time: 7:00 pm (Beijing time GMT+8)​
  • Location: Online (Link will be sent through email before the event)​

About the Free Trial Class

  • Learn key grammar and phrases to help quickly adapt to life in China’s technological society.

About the Speaker

Chinese Apps and Expressions

Sang Rongli
Vice President of Education

Hutong School

Experienced Chinese teacher and Chinese language expert Xiao Li has helped hundreds of students achieve their learning goals. Today, she uses her expertise to train our teachers, write our textbooks, and advise on Hutong School learning materials. As if her days weren’t busy enough, she often puts us all to shame by squeezing in a morning workout before arriving at the office!

About Hutong School

Chinese Apps & Expressions

Founded in 2005 in the Beijing hutongs, Hutong School offers immersive Chinese language programs, internships, and summer camps to students, graduates, and professionals from around the world. Using its 12-step in-house teaching methodology, Hutong School helps students of any level quickly progress in spoken and written Chinese.

With a team of highly qualified teachers, 14 worldwide locations, and its own Chinese language app, Hutong School provides a seamless learning environment, no matter where you’re based.

Learn more about Hutong School here.

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