Introduction to Dongbei University of Finance and Economics (DUFE)

Dongbei University of Finance and Economics (DUFE) was founded in 1952. It is one of China’s top-ranked finance, banking and economics universities.

DUFE has consistently been in the top three schools in China with the most employable graduates. The university is located in Hei Shi Jiao, close to the seaside and is surrounded by lush, green mountains. DUFE has more than 20,000 students.

Lush greens surround the DUFE campus.

About DUFE

DUFE motto

Dongbei University of Finance and Economics is a multidisciplinary, teaching-and-research-oriented university focusing on economics, management, law, arts, and science. It offers full-time as well as part-time education programs

DUFE is located west to Xinghai Park, a state-level scenic spot in Dalian. It has been well-known for the tranquility and beauty of the campus since the mid-1990s. DUFE is top 5 in China for Finance, Economics, and Business. It also has one of the highest graduate employment rates in China.

Besides its quality programs, DUFE has an international faculty, state-of-the-art, and modern facilities, and a conducive environment for learning. The university’s diverse and multi-national classes also enhance the learning experience, not to mention the medium of instruction is English. Throughout your program, you will also have the opportunity to develop your Chinese language skills.


Dongbei University of Finance and Economics is located in Dalian, one of China’s most prosperous cities. A center for trade and finance, Dalian attracted top international companies such as Microsoft, Nokia, HP, IBM, and Intel.

Major banking, insurance, and security companies have also formed their base in the city. Dalian is a popular tourist destination, with a mild climate and beautiful beaches – it’s one of the most visited places in China.

Described as ‘a city built in gardens’, visitors can enjoy leisurely walks through the city parks, lawns, and civic squares, taking in an array of fountains and gardens. Dalian is also home to three zoological parks, including Shengya Ocean World.

If you’re a fan of sports, go and see Dalian Shide – the most successful football team in China, having won the Chinese league eight times. And at weekends, get out of the city and explore the Binhai Road – 22 miles of scenic coastline with many beautiful beaches along the way.


DUFE boasts of its complete and accessible, modern and advanced university facilities.

The Library

DUFE library

As part of your orientation program, you will be shown how to use the libraries and locate key resources. DUFE has two libraries, with more than 1.25 million books and 220,000 ebooks in both Chinese and English.

The university subscribes to over 1,500 journals and you will have access to thousands of e-journals. There are a number of special collections and reference books as well as electronic touch-screen newspaper-reading machines accessing Chinese and international newspapers.

There is a range of open access IT suites with high-speed internet access, quiet spaces set aside for private and group study and a video room with high-quality audio-visual technology.

Computer Laboratory

You will have access to free IT training and IT technical support and more than 160 computers, open 13 hours every weekday, and on Sundays in the cybercafé. There is also campus-wide, high-speed wifi access available for every student.

Sports Facilities

At DUFE you will be able to take advantage of an outdoor stadium, with a soccer pitch and running track and newly-renovated dance studios. Indoor and outdoor basketball courts, outdoor volleyball courts, indoor badminton courts, and ping pong tables are also available.

If you’re a health buff, you can gain access to a gym close to the campus, with monthly membership fees around RMB180.

Campus Life

Taking education quality as the lifeline of the development, DUFE gives constant priority to fostering qualified professionals. For this reason, DUFE integrates both in-class teaching and extra-curricular learning to make appropriate training schemes for students so as to enhance students’ social responsibility, professional dedication, and sense of community.

In the past decade, the employment rate of DUFE graduates has kept above 95 percent. Noticeably, many of DUFE graduates hold important positions in various kinds of organizations ranging from financial institutions, business companies to government agencies; many of them have been promoted to leadership positions in administrative departments.

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