Are You a Pet Lover? Here’s What Your Pet is Called in Chinese

Do you have pets? 你养宠物吗 (Nǐ yǎng chǒngwù ma)

Do you like cats or dogs? 你喜欢猫还是狗 (Nǐ xǐhuan māo háishì gǒu)

Whether it’s a dog, cat, bird or a turtle, our pets share our lives every day. They are our faithful companions, they greet us after a long hard day and are always ready to dote on us. When we’re sad, they are our silent comfort and when we’re happy they share the joy with us. There is nobody more loyal in this world than our pets.

Let’s talk about what our pets are called in Chinese and some Chinese expressions we can use when talking to them.

What is your pet called in Chinese?

The general term for pets in Chinese is 宠物 (chǒngwù). 

Do you like to raise pets or 养宠物 (yǎng chǒngwù)?

What kind of pet do you have?

  • Dog (gǒu)
  • Cat 猫 (māo)
  • Bird 鸟 (niǎo)
  • Turtle 乌龟 (wūguī)
  • Siamese 暹罗猫 (xiānluómāo)
  • Persian 波斯猫 (bōsīmāo)
  • Scottish Fold 苏格兰折耳猫 (sūgélá zhéěrmāo)
  • German Shepherd 德国牧羊犬 (déguó mùyángquǎn)
  • Husky 哈士奇 (hāshìqí)
  • Golden Retriever 金毛 (jīnmáo)
  • Corgi 柯基 (kējī)

How do you talk to your pet in Chinese?

Hey little cutie/little handsome!
嘿 小宝贝/小家伙 (Hēi xiǎo bǎobèi!/xiǎo jiāhuo)
There there, it’s alright.
好了好了,没事了 (Hǎole hǎole, méishìle)
Come here, don’t be afraid.

来,过来,别害怕 (Lái, guòlái, bié hàipà)

Dogs love peanut butter.
Come, come and eat.

过来吧,这有吃的 (Guòlái ba, zhè yǒu chī de)

Don’t scratch/bite/eat that!

这个不能抓/咬/吃 (Zhège bùnéng zhuā/yǎo/chī)


不可以 (Bù kěyǐ)

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