New Beihang student from Uganda: “China has been great!”

It’s been a while since we shared our students’ stories. Well, it’s time to fix that!

Each of our students has their own unique story, and each story consists of many sometimes small, sometimes great, but all different and interesting experiences. We enjoy reading each of them and hope you’ll enjoy too.

Check out the story of Mutegeki Samson, a new student of Beihang University, below:

“My name is Mutegeki Samson and I am from Uganda. Well, it has been great, coming to china. From the end of summer 2016 when I arrived in china for the first time, I have had a mix of experiences which I feel are worth, what I would call, the start of an adventure. #chinaadventure. Especially the food, I have come to enjoy many Chinese dishes.

samson and his chinese friendThe Chinese people are really friendly and are outgoing, so I had no problem making friends who have proved to be significantly helpful. Like, there was this time, when I lost my phone on the basketball court at my campus, Yangdonglin, a post-graduate student majoring in material science was quick to help.

We didn’t find it, so he took me to his roommates so they could help me purchase a new phone. In China, there is taobao, it is an online shopping website, more like e-bay but a bit better, in my opinion. Anyway, we browsed through the options according to my liking, and they managed to purchase a new phone for me. I couldn’t purchase it on my own because I couldn’t read Chinese then. Yangdonglin and his roommates are now my really good friends.

☚ Samson and his Chinese friend Yangdonglin in Beijing Subway

Studying in china has been interesting so far. I have had a pretty detailed introduction in all my course units, the teaching is of high quality, yes, in English , at my university , Beihang university . The extra – curricular space and time is always available over here.

Generally, China admissions helped make my study in China possible by making application to the university easier.

Oh, and the destinations to travel to are endless and each more exciting than the last. Honestly, I would love another way to share this experience, because no words can fully describe China.”

It’s been our pleasure to help Samson to achieve his goal and come to China to study, and we are happy that he is enjoying it.

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