Top 3 Snowy Chinese Winter Travel Destinations

Whether it’s your first time seeing snow or you are a cold-weather veteran, you can’t miss these top three gorgeous and snowy Chinese winter travel destinations. From glowing ice castles to skiing down snowy mountain slopes, China has plenty to offer for vacations over the winter season.

Discover northern China in all snowy, sparkly glory by visiting these three dazzling winter travel destinations. Make sure to bring plenty of sweaters!

Harbin, Heilongjiang Province

No winter trip in China is complete without a visit to the majestic, frozen, and historic city of Harbin. In the past, this city was the main destination for Russian immigrants to China. The architecture in the city has a strong Russian flavor, with Russian-style churches dotting the snowy landscape.

Saint Sophia Cathedral in Harbin was built from 1907-1932. Today it is restored and part of the proud multicultural heritage of Harbin.

Of course, the most famous winter sights in Harbin are made of a much colder material than brick and stone! The Harbin Ice and Snow Festival draws thousands of visitors to marvel at gigantic ice sculptures, firework shows, sledding, and dazzling snow sculptures.

Fun fact: Harbin has several small rivers that crisscross the city. In the winter, the canals are frozen so deeply that you can walk across them like solid ground!

Xilin Gol, Inner Mongolia Province

Maybe a city of ice and snow isn’t for you, and you want a wilder experience. Visiting Xilin Gol during the long winter means you’ll have to buy huge coats and furry hats, but the trip is worth it to see the amazing scenery and cultural expos of the Mongol minority who live here.

One popular time to visit Xilin Gol is during the winter Naadam Festival, a four-day celebration of Mongol culture. In Inner Mongolia, celebrations are also held in the winter. Manzhouli also holds the annual grand “China-Russia-Mongolia International Ice and Snow Festival”, which will last till February 2022. Read more about travel to Inner Mongolia in the winter here!

Two girls dress up in Mongolian-style costumes to participate the grand gala of the 14th Ice and Snow Nadam in conjunction with the 7th Art Festival of Mongolian Winter Costumes held in Xi Ujimqin Banner, Xilin Gol League, North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region. [Photo/Xinhua]
Children practice their skating skills on the ice-covered Xilin Lake, Xilinhot city, Xilin Gol League.

Changbaishan, Jilin Province

For skiers, snowboarders, and mountaineers, there is no better destination than Changbaishan Nature Reserve! This truly stunning mountainous vista in Jilin Province has plenty of ski resorts and natural views to tempt you onto the ski slopes. The gorgeous Heavenly Lake is a top sight to see:

Would you like to see magnificent views of Changbai Mountain in the winter? The amazing snow-covered Heavenly Lake and hot spring will provide you with a unique experience if you travel there.

Surrounded by wintery mountains, of course, skiing will be incredibly popular! There are many resorts such as Wanda Changbaishan International Ski Resort, Changbaishan Tianmu Daisi Hot Spring Hotel, and Sheraton Changbaishan Resort.

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