The Chinese University of Hong Kong Shenzhen Launches Computer Engineering Stream

School of Science and Engineering proudly offers Computer Engineering (CE) stream of study, under the current Electronic Information Engineering (EIE) Major Programme. This is in line with the development of EIE into the ultimate Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) disciplines as in other reputable international universities.

Starting this June, after completing the first year of study, SSE student will be able to select this CE stream when declaring EIE as their major programme. This change immediately applies to 201920 cohort and thereafter.

The CE study scheme is designed for nurturing students to meet with the growing demands for CE talents in all industries being driven by information revolution, where interconnected smart devices will be everywhere.

Study and Research Areas

The CE stream addresses the needs of innovative computer engineers for the new age of data and intelligence. CE students will be equipped with knowledge about computing systems and skills of engineering new ones, and be prepared for future career and research in various areas including cloud computing, artificial intelligence, robotics, computer networks, image processing, software engineering, human-computer interaction, computer-aided design, computer system security, embedded computer system and Internet of Things (IoT), etc.

Final Year Project (FYP)

One essential feature of this CE stream is the Final Year Project (FYP) course, which is also referred to as Capstone Project in some institutions. The graduating students will team with supervising professors and gain hands-on experiences in working out a professional project including report and presentation. Combining theory with practice, and knowledge with application will make our CE students outstanding and well prepared for career development.

Major Required Courses 

*courses with laboratory
  • Programming Paradigm (C++)
  • Data Structure
  • Operating System
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Architecture
  • Distributed and Parallel Processing
  • Digital Logic and Systems*
  • Microprocessor Computer Systems*
  • Final Year Project

Your Broad Future

With the courses offered by our other Electrical Engineering (EE) stream in the area of integrated circuits, wireless communication, and signal processing, etc., CE students may broaden their knowledge and be ready to diverse into the modern communications technology including 5G and beyond.



About CUHK Shenzhen

CUHK LogoThe Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen is established in accordance with the Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Chinese-foreign Cooperation in Running Schools upon approval of the Ministry of Education. It is committed to nurturing high end talent with global perspective, Chinese tradition and social responsibility.

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