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The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen (CUHK SZ) is one of China’s new world-class universities. Established in 2012, the university is a joint venture between CUHK and Shenzhen University. It has adopted the educational philosophy and academic system of CUHK, a top-tier university ranked 43rd in the world and 10th in Asia (QS Rankings 2021).

CUHK SZ offers a wide range of cutting-edge undergraduate programmes, all taught in English. It is one of the few tertiary institutions in China that has successfully internationalized their degree programmes, providing a unique study atmosphere with a strong emphasis on Chinese cultural influence in combination with Western perspectives.

Study alongside elite students, learn from world-class professors and be part of the Silicon Valley of Asia by enrolling at CUHK (SZ)!

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English-Taught Undergraduate Programmes at CUHK Shenzhen

After satisfying the graduation requirements, you will receive a Bachelor’s degree from CUHK. The University’s Bachelor degree is classified based on your GPA for all major courses.

CUHK has five schools covering an array of fields and industries. Your task is to decide what tickles your fancy, then take your first step onto the path to achieving your dreams.

School of Management and Economics (SME)

Situated in the heart of one of the world’s fastest developing economic regions, the Business School at CUHK Shenzhen offers you an incomparable mix of internationally accredited programmes in an environment which offers unparalleled work opportunities at world-renowned companies. We seek innovative, forward-thinking, globally-minded and principled leaders who strive for the betterment of business and society. Studying with elite Chinese students will push you to be your best, but also allow you to network with China’s business leaders of tomorrow.

Global Business Studies

A global perspective is increasingly important as Chinese businesses take more active roles in foreign markets and as foreign companies tailor their strategies to changing international dynamics. The Global BSC offers three distinct streams: Global Business Management, Global Supply Chain and Logistics Management and Global Business and Innovation.

Marketing and Communication

An interdisciplinary program that equips students with knowledge in marketing, finance and accounting, management, statistics, and information technology. Upon completion of the program, students are expected to communicate verbally and in writing in both Chinese and English at a level of effectiveness appropriate for business purposes.

Financial Engineering (Offered jointly with the SME)

Students are equipped with sound financial modeling and forecasting skills for positions and tasks that require strong quantitative and analytical skills such as valuation, portfolio analysis, asset allocation, credit analysis, risk modeling, and structured finance. This program provides two streams: Quantitative Finance and FinTech.


This program provides rigorous training that equips students with the requisite knowledge and skills to understand economic problems and analyze policy issues from local and global perspectives. It has two study schemes: Applied Economics and Economic Science.


This program may well be the first of its kind in the mainland, and offers solid interdisciplinary training in economics and finance in the context of the global economy. The continuing development of Shenzhen and Hong Kong will ensure this program attracts students from Hong Kong, China and the rest of the world.

Professional Accounting

The program is designed to provide students with a firm foundation in accounting and solid preparation for professional practice. In addition to technical accounting/business knowledge, the program focuses on training leadership skills, analytical and problem solving skills, and interpersonal and communication skills.

School of Science and Engineering (SSE)

CUHK Shenzhen has been built on a strong foundation of science and engineering. Now home to leading scientists recruited from around the globe who educate some of world’s top scientific minds, SSE focuses on such fields as computing, robotics, mathematics and engineering. With Shenzhen identified as China’s Silicon Valley and many of the world’s best-known technology companies based here, students are able to learn from the best, study with the best and work at the best.

Electronic Information Engineering

Students will learn principles and techniques of information transmission, storage, processing, and analysis, as well as engage in developing ideas, designing prototypes and even participating in technology transfer to commercial enterprises.

New Energy Science and Engineering

Graduates of NSE will be able to work in the emerging smart energy system area including “smart grid”, or engage in the energy research in universities and institutes.

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

In the first two years, students take courses in basic mathematics and general areas of science and engineering. In the third and fourth years, students study specialized courses in the streams they have chosen.

The program provides students with three streams of concentration: Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Financial Mathematics.

School of Data Science (SDS)

Numbers are increasingly important in planning future development. With available data expanding in line with technological growth, leaders can utilize this information to better guide decision-making. As a smart city that aims to best use this information to improve the lifestyle of residents, Shenzhen has been identified as the centre for big data in China. CUHK Shenzhen, as home to the Shenzhen Research Institute of Big Data, is training the experts in systems, technology and analysis in a field which will revolutionise city planning.

Computer Science and Engineering

With the advancement of computerization, this program aims to fill the demand for professional computer scientists who can permeate into all sectors and aspects of society and contribute to economic development.

Data Science and Big Data Technology

As noted above, modern technology is generating data faster than ever before. This programme will build on your mathematical and computational strengths to help you become the expert that can provide real world solutions based on strong data analytical skills. You will learn to collect, analyse and make decisions based on the data to determine how to improve our quality of life.


The program curriculum covers topics that include the foundations of statistics, computing and data management, statistical theories and methods, and statistical applications in business, finance, medicine, actuarial science, quality control and risk management science.

The Statistics program provides three streams for the students to choose, which are: Data Science, Financial Statistics and Statistical Science.

School of Life and Health Science (LHS)

Building on the outstanding academic traditions of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, LHS pursues teaching, research and innovation for the benefit of human health and well-being. As one of the youngest but fastest growing schools, ground-breaking new programmes are scheduled to commence in 2021. They will further enhance early success, built around Nobel Prize Research Institutes in Precision Medicine, Innovative Drug Discovery and Computational Biology. The curriculum integrates life sciences, health sciences, scientific research and bioengineering design, aiming to cultivate a group of leaders and innovators in this field through a rigorous and diversified mode of education.

Biomedical Science and Engineering

The program is set up to improve human health through research and education in engineering, biology and medicine.


The mission of this program is to equip students with knowledge and technique in computational biology, the study of the genomic sequences and biomolecular structures, dynamics in the biological systems and to accelerate the translation of research discoveries to improve healthcare.

Clinical Medicine

As a focal programme in our forthcoming School of Medicine, Clinical Medicine is expected to open in 2021. Study basic medical theories and gain elementary clinical skills with an objective of healing patients directly through diagnosis, treatment, surgery, prognosis. This programme will provide you with a range of medical options for the future.

Pharmaceutical Science

Join a life-changing industry that applies modern technology to the systematic study of drugs. Trace the discovery and design of medicine from the source through preparation, application and management to developing drug design based on human genomics data and known protein structures. Pharmaceutical Science is expected to open in 2021.

School of Humanities and Social Science (HSS)

HSS not only provides our foundation courses, but offers an expanding range of study options. It therefore coordinates the comprehensive education that broadens the intellectual horizon and capacity of all our students, and helps them grow to be socially responsible citizens with global perspectives. However, it is also offers high-quality interdisciplinary programmes.

Applied Psychology

This program will teach students the foundation of applied psychology based on international standards, provide them with the scientific research methodology train them to conduct and disseminate research findings to academics, policy makers and concerned professionals or organizations and citizens.


The newly established BA program in Translation opened in 2016 will provide students with a solid foundation in the use of Chinese and English languages, to master the basic skills and knowledge for doing translation and interpreting and to become competent professionals in cross cultural communication and in providing language services to meet market needs.

English Studies

Graduates from this program are equipped with a high level of professional communicative competence in English, a firm grounding in language studies and a strong awareness and clear understanding of intercultural communication.

About CUHK Shenzhen


The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen is committed to nurturing high end talent with global perspective, Chinese tradition and social responsibility.

At present, the University has programmes in science, engineering, economic management, and humanities and social science. The University features an international learning environment, a bilingual teaching pedagogy, a collegiate system, general education courses, multidisciplinary programmes and a student-centered educational philosophy.

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