Online Chinese Classes on Zoom

What is Zoom?

Since COVID 19 everyone is used to using Zoom. It is an easy to use platform to have meetings that works seamlessly.

Chinese Classes on Zoom

There are two different types of Chinese classes you can have on Zoom
– 1 on 1 Chinese Classes
– Group Classes

Zoom is Difficult in China

Although Zoom is founded by Eric Yuan who is originally from China. Zoom is actually quite challenging to use in China and to have an account. That is because of the Great Firewall of China. Here at China Admissions, we do host most of our Online events on Zoom, but it can be challenging for some teachers to use Zoom in China.

Most of the Chinese schools in China use different platforms, and they prefer to use the same platform for all their students instead of using Zoom for one student, Skype for another student, and some of the others, but they can often be flexible for you if you prefer Zoom if it is a 1 on 1 Chinese class.

Is Zoom really important to you? Or can you accept another platform?  Luckily there are many platforms that offer a similar quality and experience (and some are even better), for example, some schools will give you the recording of your previous classes.
– Classin (Preferred by TICC)
– Fastmeeting  (Preferred by BLCU)
– Skype

Book a Free Trial Class

Most of the Chinese schools will offer you with a free trial class to get started. They will evaluate your Chinese level and give you a proposed plan.

We suggest you can book free trial classes with different schools and see which is the best for you. Our top 3 suggestions would be:
Beijing Language and Culture University
Tianjin International Chinese College
Dalian Neusoft University of Information

Sample 1 on 1 Chinese Class

Sample Group Chinese Class

If you are looking to study a Chinese group class, such as BLCU, then you will need to use the schools platform.

Zoom Related Chinese Vocabulary

Thanks to CLI for sharing

Hànzì Pīnyīn Definition
上课 shàngkè to hold class
线上 xiànshàng online
网络 wǎngluò Internet
浏览器 liúlǎnqì web browser
电脑 diànnǎo computer
手机 shǒujī cellphone
软件 ruǎnjiàn computer software
平台 píngtái platform
视频 shìpín video
音频 yīnpín audio
静音 jìngyīn to mute sound
共享屏幕 gòngxiǎng píngmù screen share
环境 huánjìng environment
教室 jiàoshì classroom
模拟技术 mónǐ jìshù virtual reality technology
教学计划 jiàoxué jìhuà study plan
课本 kèběn textbook
电子版 diànzǐbǎn digital version
优惠 yōuhuì discounted
好处 hǎochù benefits
空闲 kòngxián free time
课表 kèbiǎo class schedule
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