New Program Bachelor’s in E-Commerce in Harbin Institute of Technology For Sept / Oct 2018 Intake

The Bachelor’s in E-Commerce at Harbin Institute of Technology is a 5-year program starting in September 2018. The program is 1 year in intensive Chinese, followed by 4 years of Bachelors of E-Commerce.

The purpose of the program is to develop cross-border E-Commerce professionals who can speak and understand Chinese, and also have the skills needed for the future cross-border e-commerce market.

As China and online commerce continue to develop at a rapid pace, international students with this skill set will be in high demand by leading companies. Students will also develop the skills needed to launch and build their own e-commerce businesses.

China is the World’s Largest Market for Retail E-commerce. In 2005, China’s retail e-commerce business volume was less than 1% of the world’s total. In 2016, the share was over 40% (larger than France, Germany, Japan, the UK and the US combined). The total amount of mobile payment for personal consumption:  US x 11 times!

The program is developed in partnership with Chinese companies, most notably Alibaba, the world’s largest mobile economic entity that surpassed Walmart as the largest retail group in the world. Revenue in fiscal 2018 witnessed the highest growth rate since IPO, with a year-on-year growth rate of 58%. The highest per capita production capacity of an internet company in China, with 47,000 employees and over RMB 3 million per capita capacity.

Bachelor's in E-Commerce in Harbin Institute of Technology

Start Date – September 10th, 2018

Application Deadline – 28th August 2018

You are advised to apply as soon as possible. Admissions will be processed on a rolling basis as soon as they are submitted. Scholarships will be awarded on first come first served basis to eligible students.

Program Structure:

International Foundation Program is a 1 Year Program. The program is an intensive 33 Hours Per Week program designed to help you get to Chinese fluency as fast as possible.

Bachelor’s in E-Commerce at Harbin Institute of Technology in Harbin
Language: Chinese

Includes Summer Internship Training with Company:

Students will be able to undertake an internship within the Alibaba e-commerce ecosystem for a length of time equivalent to one academic year* as part of the GET Sandwich Course, allowing them to familiarize with Chinese corporate culture and maximize their experience with Chinese e-commerce companies.

The ‘study – internship – study’ approach allows students to undertake an internship with sufficient job-related knowledge and review in the final year for enhancing employability/entrepreneurial skills.

Academic tutor + industrial tutor, designated to provide guidance and support for students.

Careers Service On Graduation:
The University careers service and CCN will provide careers service. Job fairs, consulting to help you find a job on graduation in China or your home country. You will also have the opportunity with companies you get internships with.

Entry Requirements: 16-29 Years Old


The beautiful city of Harbin in Northeast China. The cost of living is also relatively low in Harbin. Hub of the first Eurasian Land Bridge and air corridor. Historical and cultural city, a popular tourist destination with world-famous snow and ice culture. Nationally positioned as a “key city of development and opening-up in the border areas”, ”key city in Northeast Asia“ and ”key city opening up to Russia”. Harbin Institute of Technology is a C9 top Chinese University.

Tuition Fees

– First Year: 40,000 RMB International Foundation Program for August At Harbin Institute of Technology
– Second to 5th Year: 17,000 RMB per year at Harbin Institute of Technology
– Accommodation 6,000 RMB Per Year In Standard Double Room (10 Months)
– Insurance 600 RMB per year
– Residence Permit 900 RMB
– A number of scholarships are available for the second to fifth year. Including tuition and accommodation fees. 


Main Modules:

Specialist Modules:

Application Process:

Apply Here 

Application Deadline: 28th August 2018
Application Fee: $100 USD: pay here
We advise paying an extra $100 USD for priority application processing.

Check out frequently asked questions here

Speak to our advisor:
Phone / Wechat / Whatsapp: +86 132 4122 2181

After you paid the $100 USD registration fee, our enrolments colleague will follow up to help you prepare any remaining documents.

This program is only available on China Admissions.

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