5 Most Popular Buzzwords and Phrases in China from 2019

2019 was not an easy year for many Chinese, but this did not stop China’s online world from enjoying the daily chaos. A lot of buzzwords and phrases popped up. Some came from top movies, videos, and even internet influencers.

These buzzwords are now widely used in the internet community and in China’s social media platforms. Let’s take a look back at the five most popular buzzwords and phrases in China from 2019, understand their meanings, know their origin and why they’re trending!

What are the Most Popular Buzzwords and Phrases in China from 2019?

1. 硬核 (Yìnghé)

Originally means hardcore which refers to a type of modern music. But as a buzzword in 2019, it means very critical (of a technology), strong, tough (of a person).

2. 996 (Jiǔjiǔliù)

Means to work from 9 am to 9 pm, six days a week. It represents the overtime culture in internet companies.

Jack Ma, founder of e-commerce titan Alibaba shares his thoughts on 996.
3. 我太难了 (Wǒ tài nán le)

Literally means “I’m so hard.” It is used to explain or complain that life or work is not going well.

4. 柠檬精 (Níngméngjīng)

Literally means a lemon became human. It means to be jealous of someone.

5. 好嗨呦 (Hǎo hāi you)

It means very happy. The word 嗨(hāi) is originally from the English word “high.” In Chinese, it has a positive meaning of very excited and happy.

6. 我命由我不由天 (Wǒ mìng yóu wǒ bù yóu tiān)

In English, this means “My destiny isn’t written in the stars but held in my hands.” This is a line from Ne Zha, a popular Chinese animation in 2019. By birth, Ne Zha had a demon spirit and was cursed at a young age. However, he changed his fate and said the popular line.

7. 我不要你觉得,我要我觉得 (Wǒ bùyào nǐ juéde, wǒ yào wǒ juéde)

“I don’t need what you think, I need what I think.” In the variety show, Chinese Restaurant, actors and actresses from China open a restaurant in Italy.

Popular Chinese celebrity Huang Xiaoming participated in the show. When he saw his co-worker with a cut on her finger, he told her to visit the hospital, to which she responded that an ointment would do. Huang Xiaoming retorted with the line, which eventually went viral.

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Most Popular Buzzwords and Phrases in China

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Most Popular Buzzwords and Phrases in China
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Most Popular Buzzwords and Phrases in China

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