Westlake University: From Hangzhou to the World

Meet Westlake University! Located in picturesque and historic Hangzhou, Westlake pioneers a new model for Chinese universities to go international. Offering robust international research and travel opportunities, combined with a diverse student body and globally focused curriculum, Westlake presents a new vision of a cosmopolitan Chinese university to the world.

Let’s get to know Westlake University!

Westlake University: Fast Facts

Founding year: 2018

Location: Hangzhou, China

Degree levels offered: Bachelor and PhD

Academic specializations: Engineering, Life Sciences, Natural Sciences

Bachelor Application Deadlines: First Round- November 1, 2024; Second Round- January 01, 2025; Third Round- April 1, 2025

PhD Application Deadlines: First Round- November 13, 2024; Second Round- March 31, 2025

The Westlake student body will reach 50% Chinese, 50% international students by the year 2026, a truly diverse student body dedicated to innovation and growth.

As a scientific university located in bustling Hangzhou, Westlake University has a modern and research-focused design. Arranged in rings around a central node, the campus is ideal for cross-disciplinary collaboration. With graduate students apartments, you are never far from the latest breakthrough at one of Westlake’s many labs.

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Westlake Academic Opportunities

Whether at the Bachelor or PhD level, Westlake offers an intensely internationalized experience that provides profound opportunities for research, collaboration, and study from Hangzhou to the world. Westlake researchers have made breakthroughs in COVID-19 research in the lab of Dr. Qiang Zhou, generated the world’s most comprehensive collection of genetic variants associated with RNA splicing in the human brain, and work with global partners such as Sweden’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology and the University of Nottingham.

Despite its status as a new school in China, Westlake has already made a significant mark as a global incubator of scientific discovery.

Since its establishment, Westlake has already been awarded a number of national and provincial key R & D projects, research instrument development projects, international (regional) joint research & exchange projects, and leading innovation teams projects.

Westlake University scientific research
Professor Hongfei Wang tests laser lights in one of Westlake University’s labs.

These are just a few of the research labs and facilities available to Westlake students:

  • Laboratory Animal Resources Center (LARC)
    • Provides services for biomedical and animal research
    • Works closely with the IACUC (Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee) to satisfy guidelines for the care and use of animals used in research
  • Westlake Center for Micro/Nano Fabrication
    • Contains advanced equipment such as mask aligner, an electron e-beam lithography system, a X-ray microscope, laser-writing tools, and more
  • Biomedical Research Core Facilities (BRCF)
    • Serves elite multidisciplinary research
    • Advanced and state-of-the-art facilities including CryoEM, Flow Cytometry, Genomics, Mass Spectrometry & Metabolomics, and more!
  • Westlake High-Performance Computing Center (Westlake HPC Center)
    • This dynamic computing center in total has 15,844 CPU cores and 570 GPUs
    • Best support for AI, data analysis, bioinformatics, computational physics, and other areas of research
  • Instrumentation and Service Center for Physical Sciences (ISCPS)
  • Instrumentation and Service Center for Molecular Sciences
westlake university - a figure in a blue hazmat suit walks down a row of boxes containing mice in the Westlake University Laboratory Animal Resources Center (LARC)
The Laboratory Animal Resources Center (LARC) at Westlake University

International Research Opportunities at Westlake

For young scientists, a crucial part of career development is collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Through building connections with research hubs around the world, scientists gain access to global resources and brainstorming, as well as experience presenting research to diverse audiences. Westlake University offers these opportunities in abundance for students.

Westlake University partners with top institutions from around the world such as UC Berkeley, Cornell, University of Edinburgh, Monash University, University of New South Wales, and Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Their partners span around the world, from the US to the UK, the Middle East, and Australia.

Westlake students can opt to study abroad at any of these institutions, providing a necessary global dimension to their education. Students will be able to combine their rigorous academic experience in Hangzhou with the wealth of knowledge gained through studying abroad, building their own futures and furthering Westlake’s goals of international engagement.

Studying at Westlake is just the beginning. Many students take advantage of the study abroad opportunities to present research globally, collaborate on new projects, access new research labs and databases, and enrich their personal lives.

Westlake University researchers have also been published in globally influential journals such as the Journal of the American Chemical Society, Nature, and more.


Westlake University offers very generous scholarships to its students. Full and partial tuition scholarship programs based on both merit and financial need are available.

PhD students are granted full-tuition scholarships to study and conduct their research at the doctoral level.

There are many other scholarships available, including the merit-based Suwu Scholarship and the need-based Weixin Fellowship, as well as other university research grants and stipends.

From Hangzhou to the World: Going International

As a Westlaker, you’ll take class in English and share a lab table with fellows from across China and around the world. Joining professors in research, you can tackle difficult global problems through science and share your research at regional and international conferences. As the multiple global challenges of the past years show, the future of scientific advancement to help humanity lies in greater collaboration and networking across nations and disciplines. Westlake University is well-placed to flourish with a student body dedicated to furthering scientific growth.

View all available programs at Westlake University and begin an application on China Admissions here!

Savannah Billman has a master's degree in Chinese Law and Society at the Yenching Academy of Peking University. She holds a B.A. from NYU Shanghai and has also written for The World of Chinese, TechNode, SupChina, and Sixth Tone.
Savannah Billman

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