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Westlake University, one of the most progressive universities in China, hosts a Pre-College Summer Program every summer for students passionate about science and engineering.

Westlake University is a renowned research university in China known for its innovative and cutting-edge approach to teaching and research. This summer, the university will deliver the Pre-College Summer Program for talented high school students interested in sciences and engineering. The program provides engaging, eye-opening academic and cultural experiences that allow teenagers to explore pioneering research topics and learn more about where their strengths and passions lie, making them better prepared to make choices about their futures.

Westlake’s Pre-College Program brings together outstanding high school students from around the world to discover their calling in the fields of Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry, or Mechanical Engineering. Over two weeks this summer, students will be immersed in hands-on laboratory experience in their choice of interest areas, lectures that explore the cutting-edge frontiers of science, and educational field trips. In addition to these academic and research opportunities, students will also get to immerse themselves in Chinese culture through activities and field trips in the historic city of Hangzhou and surrounding areas, such as Shanghai.

About Westlake University

Westlake University is a research university in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. It was founded in 2018 by a group of leading scientists and educators who wanted to create a new model of higher education in China that combines cutting-edge research, interdisciplinary education, and international collaboration. Westlake University has four schools: the School of Science, the School of Engineering, the School of Life Sciences, and the School of Medicine. Westlake University has attracted some of the best faculty and students from prestigious global universities and has achieved remarkable results in various fields of science and engineering.

Why You Should Consider Joining: Program Benefits

Here’s why aspiring students should take advantage of this unique opportunity:

  • Get a chance to study at one of the most innovative and prestigious universities in China. 
  • Learn from the best researchers and professors who are doing pioneering work at the frontier in the fields of science and engineering.
  • Experience the academic and research culture of Westlake University, witnessing how it fosters creativity, curiosity, and collaboration among its students and faculty.
  • Access the state-of-the-art facilities and equipment at Westlake University. Each day of the program involves hands-on laboratory activities where you will explore fascinating topics with scientists. 
  • Explore your interests and passions in science and engineering, and discover new possibilities and opportunities for your future studies and careers. 
  • Focus on your area of interest between Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry, or Mechanical Engineering. 
  • Immerse yourself in the Chinese culture and language, learning about the rich history, traditions, values, and cuisine of China.
  • Have opportunities to make friends and lasting memories with like-minded peers from different countries and backgrounds. The program is a chance to grow your network and expand your horizons.
  • Earn college-level credits and receive a program certificate of completion.
  • Gain priority for admissions to pursue further studies at Westlake University after graduating from high school. 
  • Get a taste of on-campus living at Westlake University’s well-furnished Residential Colleges.

What the Program Includes: 

Daily Laboratory Experience

Conduct experiments and learn skills in one of the four academic tracks: Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry, or Mechanical Engineering, guided by Westlake faculty and researchers.

Science Frontier Lectures

Attend lectures from pioneering Westlake faculty who will introduce you to the latest research and innovation, and inspire you to pursue your academic interests and goals.

Field Trips

Visit local start-ups, laboratories, and research institutions associated with Westlake’s scientists and faculty. Discover first-hand how organizations apply their knowledge and creativity to solve real-world problems and create social impact. 

Cultural Immersion

Learn about the Chinese culture through various activities that will expose you to its history, traditions, values, and cuisine. You will also get to interact with local students and teachers and experience life in China.

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Choice of 4 Program Tracks 

The program offers four tracks for you to choose from based on your interests and talents. Each track has a different focus and covers different skills. The options are: 

  • Biology: Learn experimental techniques based on genes and genetics using the academic biology laboratory facilities at the School of Life Sciences. You will use CRISPR/Cas9 technology and well-established genetic engineering techniques to explore topics such as eye colour inheritance in fruit flies and gene expressions in bacteria. 
  • Biomedical Engineering: Grow your competence in the cross-disciplinary field of tissue engineering at the Biomaterials and Regenerative Engineering Alliance Laboratory (B-REAL). Learn how to prepare biomaterials and scaffolds that are used to regenerate damaged tissues in the human body. 
  • Chemistry: Explore experimental and theoretical chemistry in the Laboratory of Nanosyntheses at the School of Science. This track explores chemical synthesis and characterization using metal nanoparticles, offering a deep perspective on the role of chemistry in our world. 
  • Mechanical Engineering: Learn all about bionic robots at the i⁴ – FSI Lab at the School of Engineering. Laboratory research will focus deeply on biolocomotion, aero/hydro morphing structures, and bio-inspired machine learning algorithms. You will get a chance to construct “robotic fish” with locomotion programming. 

Program Details 

Debuting in the summer of 2023, Westlake University offers this program each summer to rising high school juniors and seniors interested in science and engineering

The Summer 2024 program takes place from July 7 to July 25. Nominations for students to enter the program are now being accepted on a rolling basis.

To partake in the program, students must meet the following requirements: 

  1. You will be a high school junior or senior student in Fall 2024. 
  2. You have excellent academic performance, especially in STEM subjects. 
  3. You have strong English communication skills. 
  4. You have a valid passport and are able to obtain a visa to enter China.

Program Application Fee

The application costs $500 per person for the whole duration. Westlake University also offers a generous fellowship covering international travel, lodging, food, and insurance for outstanding students.

Visas & Insurance 

Students of the program should apply for a valid Chinese Visa to study in China for a short time. If you are accepted into the program, Westlake University will issue an invitation letter to support your visa application. The university will arrange comprehensive medical insurance for all students. 


Students are provided with on-campus accommodation in Westlake’s Residential Colleges. The student dorms feature single-bed rooms and shared living spaces, ensuring students have a safe and comfortable living space in Hangzhou for the duration of the program. 

Learn More

Westlake University offers many career pathways for anyone with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for discovery in science and engineering. Learn more about the university and apply to begin your academic journey abroad in Hangzhou, China. 

Check out more details at the website and express your interest in the Pre-College Summer Program by sending an email to intladmissions@westlake.edu.cn, mentioning that you saw the program on China Admissions. 

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