Westlake University Debuts Pre-College Summer Program for Students Worldwide

Are you a high school student eager for scientific exploration? Intrigued by biology, chemistry, and engineering? Here’s your opportunity to dive into humanity’s most exciting era of knowledge and discovery. This prestigious Chinese institution is offering an unforgettable summer of learning and living abroad.

Recently debuted in 2023, Westlake University’s Pre-College Summer Program is designed for high school rising juniors and seniors who are passionate about science and engineering. You will spend two weeks in the picturesque city of Hangzhou, learning among a diverse community of brilliant researchers, scientists and peers. Alongside academic, cultural, and social activities, you’ll also have the chance to discover China’s history and culture through organized tours to sites in Hangzhou and Shanghai. 

Upon completion of the program, you will receive a prestigious program certificate from this globally-regarded university. Exceptional students will also have priority consideration for admission into Westlake University’s undergraduate programs and scholarships, setting you on a path to academic excellence.

This two-week journey allows you to focus on one of the following three academic tracks, further tailoring the experience to your own passions. 

Biology Track (Westlake School of Life Sciences) 

  • Unravel the mysteries of genes and genetics through state-of-the-art CRISPR/Cas9 technology and genetic engineering techniques. 
  • Explore how eye colour is inherited in fruit flies.
  • Trace gene expression using green fluorescent proteins in bacteria.
  • Learn experimental techniques in the School of Life Sciences laboratory facilities. 
  • Develop hands-on skills in molecular biology.

Chemistry Track (Westlake School of Science) 

  • Dive into the fascinating world of nanosynthesis and chemical synthesis in the Westlake School of Science.
  • Study matter at the nanometer scale.
  • Work with nanoparticles to learn about the practical applications and to gain skills in chemical synthesis and characterization. 
  • Gain a deeper perspective on how chemistry affects our world and improves our lives. 

Engineering Track (Westlake School of Engineering) 

  • Learn about bionic robot fish and soft manipulators at the Deep Sea Technology Research Center (DSTRC).
  • Research and design equipment for deep sea exploration, including submersible vehicles. 
  • Design and construct autonomous vehicles that mimic real life creatures to gather data about the underwater environment. 
  • Learn and apply advanced engineering technologies, such as 3D printing, that can be applied to many fields. 

Experiential Learning 

At Westlake University, learning extends far beyond laboratory walls. A typical day might begin with laboratory activities in Westlake’s state-of-the-art research facilities, where you will learn hands-on technical skills in a variety of topics. In the afternoons, you’ll participate in a range of activities, including engaging lectures by pioneering faculty members, eye-opening laboratory tours, and visits to local startup companies founded by Westlake scientists and engineers. Immerse yourself in the vibrant Chinese culture through organised tours to natural landscape viewpoints, historical landmarks and cultural sites in the surrounding areas. 

On this day, students did lab work in the morning and calligraphy in the afternoon.The blending of science and the arts is a key feature throughout Westlake’s programs.

Learn More

Westlake University offers many career pathways for anyone with a thirst for knowledge and passion for discovery in science and engineering. Learn more about the university and apply to begin your academic journey abroad in Hangzhou, China. Express your interest for next year’s pre-college summer program by sending an email to intladmissions@westlake.edu.cn and mention that you saw the program on China Admissions.

Additionally, prospective students will soon be able to apply to Westlake University via CommonApp.



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About Westlake University

Established in 2018, Westlake University is a new type of high-quality research-oriented university based in the historic Chinese city of Hangzhou. The university was founded by prominent globally-respected scientists and scholars, and it is quickly becoming a leading university for science, engineering, and innovation. Westlake operates with an emphasis on research excellence, interdisciplinary engagement, and international collaboration. 

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