China Initiates World’s Largest COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign to Surpass US in April

China’s mass vaccination campaign is in full drive with daily immunizations jumping from 1 million to nearly 3 million within a week. The country’s vaccination rate is expected to exceed 10 million per day, administering vaccines to 40 percent of the population.

COVID-19 vaccines from China have been given to over 100 million people at home and abroad, proving efficacy and safety.

In the next phase of inoculation, China will accelerate the promotion of free vaccination for the entire population. The order will be from high-risk and key people to the general population which makes it the “largest-ever mass vaccination program.”

As of Tuesday, March 23, China has given 82.84 million vaccine doses against COVID-19, an increase from 74.96 million by Saturday. This is equivalent to 2.62 million doses per day.

China’s National Health Commission has been updating the public about the national inoculation data every day. Top Chinese epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan said China’s goal is to increase domestic vaccination target to 40 percent by June, or about 560 million people and 1.1 billion doses. This means the daily number of doses will have to rise to roughly 8 million.

Minister of Industry and Information Technology Xiao Yaqing emphasized the stable output of China’s vaccines. Domestic vaccines currently exceeds 100 million doses. Chinese pharmaceutical giants Sinopharm and CanSino Biologics will expand annual COVID-19 vaccine production this year.

Read the full report here.

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Christine Chiu
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Andrew Whyte
Andrew Whyte
3 years ago

If the vaccine is effective why doesn’t getting vaccinated permit one to travel freely?

Gerson Henrique Sternadt
Gerson Henrique Sternadt
3 years ago

Congratulation for your work. China is a great country with people make a good work.

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