Leading Academic Programs at DUFE for International Students

Dongbei University of Finance and Economics (DUFE) is a leading provider of English degrees in China. Founded in October 1952, DUFE has been providing quality education to both Chinese and English students. A wide range of academic programs at DUFE is popular among international students.

DUFE is located in the beautiful city of Dalian, near Xinghai Park, a famous national scenic site in China. It is a multidisciplinary and research university with a particular focus on business, finance, and economics.

International students at DUFE in China.

Besides producing competent Chinese professionals, DUFE has more than 20 years of experience in international education. Thousands of international students from over 80 countries around the world have graduated from DUFE.

If you’re planning to enroll in the university, there are leading academic programs at DUFE that you should consider. You’re going to know all about them here!

Leading Academic Programs at DUFE for International Students

Plan on studying bachelors, masters or doctoral degree, here are the best academic programs at DUFE to choose from!


Duration: 4 years

Tuition Fee Per Year: RMB 35,000

International Business Management

If you want a business degree while learning Chinese, this bilingual program is right for you. The program focuses on global business awareness and how the Chinese economy works on an international scale. The same course is offered as a master’s degree.

Business Management

A program that helps you understand the principles and theories of business management. It also covers how the business landscape works in China.

Tourism Management 

Fascinated with traveling? DUFE’s tourism management degree will teach you how to be a leader, manager, and entrepreneur in the tourism industry. You will learn all about culture, language, history and itinerary planning.


Duration: 2 to 3 years

Tuition Fee Per Year: RMB 35,000

Financial Management

The Master’s degree in Financial Management provides you with the knowledge about finance so you can make crucial contributions where it matters most in business. The program helps you understand advanced financial methods and their application. You will also learn about mergers, investments, derivatives, and risk management.

International Trade

The Master’s degree in International Trade teaches you about international economics and commercial relations. The program is for young professionals and aspiring diplomates who want to venture into a career in international trade organizations and diplomatic services.


Duration: 3 to 5 years

Tuition Fee Per Year: RMB 48,000


The doctoral degree in accounting at DUFE teaches you about advanced accounting theory and applied research methods so you can contribute to the accounting industry.


This program provides you with an -in-depth understanding of all aspects of economics and finance. You will also learn the best practices in microeconomics, statistics, and corporate finance.


Want to explore the potential of the internet? Learn all the theories to thrive in the internet business, including everything about technology, law, research, and sales.

Human Resources Management

Become an expert in global workforce management by enrolling in DUFE’s doctoral Human Resources Management program. By the end of the degree, you will be able to teach, consult or lead organizations.


Do you want to further your career in business? Take a doctoral degree in marketing at DUFE and learn how to analyze consumer behavior based on data-based research. You will also be taught about interactive ways to promote and sell a product or service, effective networking, and the art of building a strong business relationship.


Study a doctoral degree in statistics at DUFE to understand and start using up-to-date practices in the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data. Learn how to present data systematically and make your research more credible.

DUFE English programs

The Takeaway!

DUFE is a student-centered educational institution that focuses on training Chinese and international students to be competent professionals. If you’re looking for a Chinese university with excellent, business, finance and economics degrees, DUFE is the best school for you!

Do you see yourself studying at DUFE in China? Explore your options, choose which program you would like to study and contact China Admissions for assistance today!

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