How to Apply for COVID-19 Vaccination in Beijing for Foreigners

On March 26, health authorities in Beijing announced that foreigners aged 18 and over will soon be eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations.  Foreigners in the capital can now register for domestically-made vaccines to be taken in two shots.

If you’re currently living in Beijing, here’s everything you need to know about the COVID-19 vaccination in the city.

Applying for COVID-19 vaccination in Beijing

Beijing, China
Start date March 26
Eligibility Foreign nationals aged 18 and older whose participation is voluntary.

Willing to assume personal responsibility for the risks involved.

Cost Free for those enrolled in Beijing’s medical insurance system; 93.5 yuan ($14.29) per dose for those with no insurance.
How to apply 1. Make an appointment for vaccination through your workplace or local/residential community offices and wait for your schedule.

2. Prepare your valid passport and residence permit ahead and bring the documents on the day of your vaccination. 

3. As directed by your district-level authorities, go to your appointed venue for vaccination.

What to do on the day 

You will be asked to sign a form of informed consent stating that you understand the risks involved and bear full responsibility for any consequences of taking the vaccine.

After receiving the dose, you will be asked to remain at the vaccination site for 30 minutes in case of side effects.

How to get your vaccine certificate

After your second dose, you can print your vaccine certificate via the Beijing Health Kit app, available as a WeChat Mini-Program. You can click ‘Health Service Query and Appointment’ and see a record of your vaccination.

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