How Can Foreigners Succeed in China?

If you’re seeking to succeed in China, there are huge challenges to face. The business environment, culture, language, speed of business and ferocity of competition make it one of the world’s toughest markets. 

Yet there are huge opportunities.

Learning all the skills needed to compete, and succeed in China can take a long time. Mistakes can be expensive. As an international entrepreneur, or employee in China, how can we compete and find success in China? 

The answer is simple, start by studying an MBA in China.

So what can an MBA from China offer and how will it give you an edge in the Chinese market? Learn more about it here!

What Are The Skills That Internationals Will Learn From An MBA?

The MBA curriculum in China has been designed with the toolkit for success in China, and globally.

Most MBA programs will run through all the core skills needed to compete in China and this is all highly applicable to everything you will come across during your career in China.

Managing, leading cross cultural teams, setting strategies, how to beat competition and grow business, find new opportunities and overcome challenges. You will learn these skills rapidly, and understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Most of all, you will learn how to apply theory into practice through case studies. Learning theory is one thing, but how well do you actually know it?

Being able to apply this to specific real life cases and working in groups helps to learn and improve our understanding. It also means that you can learn from a huge range of scenarios in a friendly environment with other students.

Through case studies, you will learn what to do when hiring and firing employees, how to resolve challenges in marketing campaigns, deal with a difficult client, rebuild a company after bankruptcy, succession planning, supply chain disruption and many other similar situations. 

Building Your Network While Studying MBA In China

Connections and learning from those more successful than you is one of the fastest ways to grow your career. And this is exactly what an MBA from China can give you.

In China, you will have the opportunity to network with some of China’s top executives and be part of the community. This includes investors and business executives from some of China’s largest companies and organizations. 

You will also be able to intern in multinational companies, fast-growing startups and emerging industries where you will learn real business skills. Majority of MBA schools also have  invite top Chinese and international entrepreneurs and professionals, and you will have the opportunity to network in this elite group.

Top 3 Reasons To Study MBA In China

There are three top reasons why international students are venturing into the east for an MBA!

1. World-class MBA programs

China has countless top-ranking MBA programs that dominate world MBA rankings every year. Many international business schools also have campuses in China. This means that students can access the best of the west in the east! Check out the top 10 MBA programs in China.

Fudan University’s MBA program is one of the best in China.

2. Career-changing opportunities

An MBA in China elevates your career prospects and increases your employment rate. You get to work for multinational companies and gain connections from a strong network of alumni. Read more about unique career opportunities for MBA graduates here.

Fintech is one of the most popular emerging industries for MBA graduates. Tencent, for example, employs thousands of employees with MBA degrees. Recently, Tencent defied odds and gained billions despite the COVID-19 outbreak. 

3. Excellent student experiences

Chinese language classes are mandatory in MBA curriculums in China. You also get to participate in Chinese culture immersions and international exchange programs. So in addition to business skills, you also gain people skills, understand different cultures and adapt to diversity.

All these give you the best student experience while strengthening your edge in the Chinese market!

CEIBS MBA hosts networking session with executive search firms.

Top MBA Programs In China

If you’re looking for the best MBA in China, here are top-ranking schools that you should look into:

  • Peking University
  • Fudan University
  • Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • China Europe International Business School

Read more about MBA programs and their application deadlines here. You can also check out our MBA admissions guide for 2021 intake here.

Dulguun gives you in-depth information about the the top MBA programs in China here:

Start Your MBA Journey In China Now!

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