Happy New Year 2021 – Kick Off The New Year With New Plans!

Happy New Year!

2020 was one tough year filled with challenges and lessons. As we leave that year behind, let’s look forward to exciting opportunities, fresh starts and new beginnings that 2021 offers.

What are your new year resolutions? How do you want to improve in 2021?

What better way to kick off the year than with new plans for self-improvement and enriching your knowledge more. Check out top Chinese programs to take this 2021!

Top 3 Programs That Will Help You Succeed in 2021

There are 3 programs that are highly recommended by international students this 2021. Learn more about them here!

1) DNU Neusoft Online Chinese Program

The Online HSK Foundation Course at Dalian Neusoft University of Information is a course designed for international students who want to receive degree education in China but have zero or very limited Chinese Language ability.

This course also enables you to achieve HSK4 level in only SIX months which is the shortest amount of time. This is the one of the most affordable Chinese programs in China and fastest! Learn more or apply for the program here.

2) BLCU Contemporary China and Chinese Culture Online Course

Interested to learn about modern China and its rich culture? Beijing Language and Culture University’s Contemporary China and Chinese Culture Online Course is a two-month program which is taught in English.

The program teach you about Chinese history, social interactions, professional relationships and more. Tuition fee for this program starts at US$50. You can apply here!

3) BFSU Certificate in Doing Business in China

In this program by Beijing Foreign Studies University, students will learn from introductory courses to specialized courses, focused on the Chinese economy and business, as well as its interaction with the world.

What’s so good about this program? It features LIVE online course in English! It also gives you flexible arrangement. Price starts at US$459 per course. Get a 10% tuition exemption if you sign up for more than 2 online courses. Apply for the program here.

Study In China For 2021 Intake!

China is one of the safest countries in the world from the COVID-19 pandemic. With China’s swift and effective efforts, it has contained the virus very well. Life in China is almost back to normal and so are classes!

Admissions in Chinese Universities is going ahead as normal. You can send your application as early as now and start your China journey in 2021

Would you like to learn more? We have a calendar full of events where you can learn more about Chinese universities and ask them questions directly. You can learn more here:

For class arrangements or if you want to know how 2021 in take in China will be like, you can read our comprehensive article here.

From China Admissions, we wish you an optimistic new year. Let’s toast to all of the wonderful things ahead of us in this coming year!

Content crafter at China Admissions with nine years of professional writing experience. Fil-Chinese who honors my heritage every day. On a fascinating journey exploring China and tracing my ancestry. See China through my lens.
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