7 Best Reasons Guilin City in China is the Most Ideal Place to Learn Chinese

The proverb 桂林山水甲天下 (Guìlín shānshuǐ jiǎtiānxià) proclaims that “Guilin’s scenery is the most beautiful under heaven,” and rightly so.

The limestone mountains of Guilin City, China is a mesmerizing sight that leaves visitors in awe. In fact, Guilin has earned the title of “Best Karst Landscape in the World” because of its natural beauty and scenic destinations.

Located in the southeast of China, along the majestic Li River in the gorgeous province of Guangxi, Guilin’s natural landscape has proven so charming throughout history that it is even celebrated on the back of China’s twenty-yuan bill.

The literal translation of Guilin means “the Forest of Sweet Osmanthus” because of the rollings hills of fragrant osmanthus trees. Guilin City is one of the top places to visit in China. With its “numberless peaks springing from the flat ground like jade bamboo shoots,” Guilin has inspired Chinese artists and poets for centuries.

More than its beauty, Guilin City, China is rich in history and culture. The city has successfully preserved its traditional city streets, and villages. It is home to many historical spots and boasts of traditional Chinese food that you can’t taste elsewhere.

Travel to Guilin City, China, be enchanted by its natural beauty and historical treasures and learn Chinese at the Chinese Language Institute (CLI).

Why Study Chinese at Guilin City in China? 7 Best Reasons!

The Chinese Language Institute (CLI) located in Guilin City is one of the most outstanding Chinese language and culture institutes in China. CLI offers a wide range of intensive Chinese programs for those who want to see quick and optimal results in their Chinese language skills.

Here are seven of the best reasons why CLI thinks Guilin as an ideal place to study Chinese!

1. Guilin has the perfect balance of modern and countryside. 

Guilin’s balance of vibrant, modern city and surrounding countryside creates the ideal setting to pursue Chinese fluency, and folks at CLI and in Guilin are very willing to chat!

Guilin features gyms, yoga studios, department stores, universities, seemingly countless restaurants, upbeat nightlife, excellent public transportation networks, an international airport, three bullet train stations, and much more.

Guilin is a city that maintains China’s rich traditional culture while boasting all the comforts brought on by the PRC’s rapid modernization.

2. Guilin is less populated and the quality of life is excellent. 

By way of their own study abroad experiences in Beijing, Shanghai and Guilin, CLI’s founders experienced firsthand the crucial advantages a smaller city like Guilin enjoys compared to its megacity alternatives.

Guilin City has a smaller population compared to China’s largest cities, which means that it’s less crowded. Guilin’s famous natural environment is protected via a variety of mechanisms, making the air and water much cleaner than other parts of China.

You can enjoy walking out in Guilin’s parks every day and enjoy the scenery, breathe fresh air and experience the slower pace of life in Guilin.

3. Guilin is simple to navigate. 

Guilin is located in Guangxi Province and is a one-hour flight northwest of Hong Kong, a two-hour flight southwest of Shanghai, and a three-hour flight south of Beijing.

4. Guilin’s local residents are exceptionally friendly and engaging.

Guilin’s friendly environment and active population make learning Chinese a pleasure. Locals in Guilin are open to diversity, are curious and frequently seek to engage with international students.

5. Guilin’s cuisine is excellent.

Guilin City is not only known for its beautiful topography, its local cuisine is also quite special. Guilin’s rice noodles, in particular, are popular throughout China. The dish is served in restaurants in Shanghai and Hong Kong, but it’s incomparable to the authentic Guilin rice noodles.

The Yangshou beer fish, Lipu Taro looped meat, Niupai ganguo, Zongzi, Luohanguo, and the Li River fish soup are also common staples that are only found in Guilin City, China.

6. Guilin has a diverse Mandarin accent. 

In Guilin, students are exposed to both China’s northern and southern Mandarin accents, which gives learners a sharper ear and a more well-rounded command of the language.

7. Guilin has one of the lowest expats in China. 

Relatively few expats live in Guilin, and few locals speak English, which provides students plenty of language learning opportunities.

What Students are Saying about Guilin City and CLI

Your home at CLI will present you with endless opportunities to discover China. A breathtaking natural landscape offers a hiker’s paradise, an array of restaurants and bars provide an exciting social scene, and CLI’s language and culture experience provide students countless platforms to engage locals in Chinese conversations.

Guilin is a remarkable place to devote yourself to not just studying Chinese, but actually learning Chinese. Here’s what students are saying!

“Guilin is a very homey place and inside the CLI Center there’s always a big community feeling.”– Martí N., Spring 2019
“CLI’s location in Guilin creates a unique experience for Chinese learners. We’re able to experience both city and rural life. Guilin is a city where you can easily go out and practice your Chinese.” – Alex Gavis, Summer 2011
“I like that CLI is located in Guilin rather than a larger city because it encourages you to use Chinese in daily experiences.”– Craig W., Immersion Program
“One month in Guilin was more productive than an entire year of coursework in a normal college class.”– Allie Riggs, Immersion Program

There is so much to see and experience in Guilin City, China. CLI is the perfect place to go if you want to fully immerse yourself in Chinese culture and history while improving your Chinese language skills.

To truly appreciate the beauty of Guilin, CLI brings you outside the four walls of the classroom through weekly activities and meaningful excursions.

Gain international experience at one of the most beautiful places in the world – Guilin City, China. Search for CLI programs or contact China Admissions to start applying for the program of your choice at CLI. China Admissions has a team of trained student counselors who will help you from document preparation to your safe arrival in China.

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