Shanghai Becomes First City in China to Offer Expats COVID-19 Vaccine

Good news for foreigners living in Shanghai! You can now get vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine as long as you meet the requirements set by the city. Shanghai has become the first Chinese mainland city to offer the vaccine to expats.

Last Monday, 29th March, foreigners who met the age requirements were allowed to voluntarily apply for the vaccine. Foreigners have welcomed this news and have commended the initiative of Shanghai city to safeguard expats. Most foreigners say they love China and intend to stay in the country despite the pandemic.

Foreigners who choose to get the vaccine need to shoulder the costs and risks associated with the vaccine. Those who are not covered by insurance in China will have to pay 100 yuan (US$15.30) per dose.

To get vaccinated, book appointments through the Health Cloud, an app run by local health authorities. You will be informed through text messages of the date, time, and location of your vaccination.

Read the full story at South China Morning Post.

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3 years ago

Do expats who get vaccinated get a health certificate or vaccine passport?

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