China Breaks COVID-19 Vaccination Records With 100M Inoculations In Just 9 Days!

On Sunday, 16th May, China achieved a milestone in its COVID-19 vaccination record by inoculating 100 million in just 9 days. It was also the sixth day in a row that more than 10 million doses were administered nationwide.

China started reporting daily vaccinations in late March. It took 25 days to reach 200 million shots, 16 days to 300 million, but only nine days to achieve the 400 million milestone on Sunday.

With vaccination rate speeding up and increased supply of vaccine in the second half of the year, herd immunity could be achieved within the year in China.

Vaccination rates gained momentum after vaccine production increased and fresh cases of COVID-19 cases were reported last week in Anhui province, eastern China, which was soon traced to a photo studio cluster in Yingkou. There was a sharp rise in enthusiasm for vaccination in both provinces after it was reported that none of the new cases had been vaccinated.

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