China Admissions Launches CA Classroom – Watch Over 100 Classes + New Additions Every Month!

China Admissions is pleased to announce the launch of CA Classroom. Recognizing the vital role of education and continuous learning especially during this pandemic, we built an online platform that is readily accessible for all types of learners.

Whether you are a student or a professional, CA classroom offers a wide range of helpful videos on all kinds of topics and niche. Watch classes, webinars and videos about international business, marketing in China, Chinese culture, history and more.

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What is the CA Classroom?

The CA Classroom is an online platform to watch top classes from Chinese universities. Currently, we have over 100 classes published, and Chinese universities are adding more soon.

We want to make it the best resource to understanding about China and to enable you to learn, understand China, but we also plan to build it into a place for you to build skills that you can actually use in China.

That is why we are giving a lot of classes that are based on practical experience, such as how to find a job, internship, or start a business in China.

You can watch classes at no cost through our 7-day free trial. If you would like to access all the classes and get alerts on newly published classes every month, we also offer two membership plans. Learn more about them here.

The CA Classroom premium membership is $8.99 USD, and we are offering a limited number of early bird annual membership packages for only $29.99 USD. There are only 200 of these available, so sign up soon if you are interested to take advantage of it.

Learn from experts, at your own pace and time with CA Classroom!

We will constantly improve the platform and look forward to learning and growing together.

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