Sneak Peek – China Admissions Has A New Look, Pitch Your Ideas!

Good news, we launched a new page design for China Admissions to make your user experience easier and better!

The growing number of international students enrolling in Chinese universities have doubled in the past couple of years. And China Admissions has been at the center of it all. We are tremendously grateful for your trust and confidence!

We value your opinion, so maybe you can pitch in a few ideas/comments? But first, here’s a sneak peek of everything we revamped!

5 Things To Look Forward in The New China Admissions Page Design!

We are more than hyped to launch China Admission’s new page design but hold your horses and check out these new features!

1. Better information architecture

Let’s just say we tidied up a bit. Your perspective is our top priority so we overhauled content presentation and organisation for better usability. Every information you need is all in one page!

New Page Design for China Admissions
Sample interface
New Page Design for China Admissions
Every information you need is all in one page.
2. Faster loading speed

No more lags and downtimes, we made sure to design the pages to load at lightning speed!

3. Accessible and user-friendly forms

You don’t have to scroll down or browse around to look for the “apply button”. Now, it’s front and center. All you have to do is choose an intake, fill out the form and click submit. It’s that easy!

New Page Design for China Admissions

4. Detailed application process

Confused about how to enroll in China? You can follow our detailed application process below!

5. Social media buttons

Care to share? If you’re satisfied with China Admissions’ services or you share our goal to spread the beauty of China, you can use the social media buttons at the end of every page to share our information or articles!

We’ve got more features in store for you and we are excited to get this new look going. Comments, improvements or opinions are welcome! Be sure to give us your feedback, we’d really appreciate it.

Interested to start your journey in China? Let China Admissions assist you!


Content crafter at China Admissions with nine years of professional writing experience. Fil-Chinese who honors my heritage every day. On a fascinating journey exploring China and tracing my ancestry. See China through my lens.
Christine Chiu

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