The Best Online Courses Offered by Chinese Universities this Summer!

What do you want to achieve this summer? Check out these awesome courses below so you can fast track your personal development, build connections, improve your skills and put yourself in a better position to succeed in the future.

All these programs offer a free trial class so you can experience it for free. Check out the testimonials and video introductions of each program, and other students experiences by clicking through to the programs.

Online Business Program

Online EBA (Global Elite of Business Administration) at Shanghai JiaoTong University (SJTU)

The SJTU EBA Program was designed in 2019 and covers past, present and future trends of doing business in China. Below are some benefits of the program:

  • Learn more than 150+ topics
  • Be part of the SJTU EBA Alumni platform and attend networking events
  • Business and Legal advice from the EBA program experts
  • Assistance from SJTU EBA platform for your business
  • Scholarship available for 8,800 RMB instead of 32,800 RMB
  • SJTU EBA Certificate after completing a minimum number of 4 full day topics (24 hours)

You can learn more, join a free trial class, and apply for a partial scholarship here.

Online Chinese Classes

Want to be fluent in Chinese? Who doesn’t!

Whether you are preparing for your entrance to a Chinese university or planning to work in a Chinese company, learning Chinese can give you a huge advantage. It doesn’t need to be hard. Signing up to a program below can fast track your learning with some of the best and most experienced teachers and the most effective learning programs.

TIP: If you like, you can contact all the schools below to set up a free trial class (just let them know you are coming from China Admissions), they will then give you an assessment and personalised learning plan. and in that way you work which one you like best.

If you are keen on learning Chinese quick for professional advancement, choosing one-on-one programs is the best choice. Otherwise you can choose group classes.

1 on 1 Chinese Classes
Group Chinese Classes
Video Class

Click for more Chinese language programs>>

Joining online summer classes in Chinese Universities go beyond studying. You will also have an unforgettable social and cultural experience. Investing in your

Apply for online programs at Chinese universities now!

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